Dolphin Experiences

Whether you’re 5 or 85 years old the Dolphin Academy Curaçao makes your childhood dreams come true. Dozens of dolphins swim in the natural lagoon of the Dolphin Academy Curaçao. Meet and greet the happy fellows, go swimming or free diving with the dolphins and discover how smart and friendly these creatures are.

Dolphin Swim

Always wanted to swim with dolphins in Curaçao? This is a great opportunity to touch, interact, swim, and enjoy your time with these lovable marine mammals.
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Dolphin Snorkel

Free dive and snorkel together with the dolphins in their natural lagoon. This program is for experienced swimmers only.
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Dolphin Encounter

The dolphins at Dolphin Academy will steal your heart with this fun, intimate, and interactive meeting. The Dolphin Encounter is an experience for all ages!
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