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Here you will find the best tours and activities on Curaçao. We stand for quality and safety of all our tours and the sustainability of our island. We believe it is very important that the authenticity, culture, environment, and history stays preserved for the residents and tourists. So that not only this generation but also future generations experience all that Curaçao has to offer.

Popular: Water Activities

20 activities in this category
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Dolphin Swim

Always wanted to swim with dolphins in Curaçao? This is a great opportunity... Details »

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Friday Tugboat Snorkeling Tour

During this snorkel tour with the Catamaran BlueFinn, there will be stops at... Details »

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Stand Up Paddle

Have you ever heard of Spanish Water? The lagoon is filled with mangrove... Details »

Popular: Boat Tours

12 activities in this category
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Boat Trip to Klein Curaçao with Miss Ann

Find yourself  relaxing  on a boattrip to Klein Curaçao on board of a... Details »

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Klein Curaçao with the Catamaran BlueFinn

The Catamaran BlueFinn sails from Zanzibar in Jan Thiel to the deserted island... Details »

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Blue Room Snorkeling Tour

As you cruise around Curaçao you’ll see the island from a whole new... Details »

Popular: Off-Road Tours

4 activities in this category
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Island and Beach Tour

Discover the highlights of Curaçao and immerse yourself in the rich history of... Details »

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Offroad Jeep Tour

Join us on an offroad jeep tour and explore Curaçao in a most... Details »

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ATV Quad 3 hours East Tour

Get ready for the most exciting tour on Curaçao! For three hours you... Details »

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What people say about CURAÇAO ACTIVITIES

We did the Power Boat tour to Klein Curacao

January 16, 2019

This experience was topnotch from the very beginning. I showed interest in going to Klein Curacao through an online ad, and as soon as Jyona noticed my interest, she was on the ball. We messaged back and forth a few times, without me feeling pushed to make a decision in any way. I told her when we would be on the island, and sure enough, she was in touch with me shortly before our trip. Once there, she got us on the tour we wanted. We chose the Power Boat tour, because my daughter and I have been on another boat to Klein Curacao before, and the diesel fumes and enclosure of those boats made us very seasick. With the Power Boat tour you’re breathing in fresh air and because it goes so fast, the waves are not an issue. Another plus is that you don’t have to get up super early which is nice especially if you’re not close to the pickup location. Our hosts, Ervin and Ozzy (not sure if I spelled their names correctly) were awesome. Both guys are just super people, kind, friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, etc The ocean that day was not very rough, so they had a couple of wonderful surprises for us. One was taking us towards a group of very playful dolphins, I think they are called spinners; the other was showing us these amazing sea stars. Because the water along the shore was calm and very clear, they did not have to be taken out of their environment to be seen which I very much appreciate. I’ve never seen any like this species before. The water may not be as calm when you go, but I’m sure these guys will think of something to make your trip to Klein Curacao a trip to remember. Jyona, Ervin and Ozzy, masha, masha danki for a trip to remember.


Very good service

October 23, 2018

The platform looks really nice. It is very easy to navigate. I received my tour voucher right my after booking. I contacted the support team with some additional questions and they answered immediately and were of great assist!