Seaworld Explorer (Semi Sub)

Days:Every Monday Wednesday and Friday
Duration: 40 minutes
Min. age required:


You can take off your goggles! The semi-submarine Seaworld Explorer allows you to discover the sea around Curaçao through your own large window on board. As you sail along the coast of the island, a guide scatters some food in the water and you will see hundreds of tropical fish swim right past your nose!

You no longer need a diving certificate to be able to admire the underwater world surrounding Curaçao. During a 40 minutes round trip on board the Seaworld Explorer, you will come eye-to-eye with hundreds of tropical fish and the most colorful of corals.

The Seaworld Explorer is a semi-submarine and is located at the pier of the Hilton hotel. You will take a seat in the air-conditioned cabin of the submarine about five feet below sea level. You’ll have your own window to look through, so you don’t have to push in order to enjoy the astonishing life under the sea. Especially when a professional diver throws some food in the water you don’t want to miss out on the spectacle!

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  • Sit in a comfortable state of the art air-conditioned semi-submarine, 5 feet below the surface
  • Observe dozens of tropical fish and varieties of corals
  • Entertainment and education by a professional guide
  • Diver feeding the fish


  • Entrance fee
  • Guide/diver

Traveler tips

  • Can’t get enough of the underwater world? We recommend a visit to the Sea Aquarium and the Dolphin Academy to check out their various programs
  • Bring your camera
  • Children’s special price 2-11 years
  • Seaworld Explorer Curacao
  • Seaworld Explorer Curacao 1


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