5 Must-Visit Cocktail Bars in Curacao

Category: , | Published on: February 19, 2020 | By Omaily Lucas

There are many must-do’s when coming to Curaçao, but visiting a cocktail bar is probably not on that list. However, if you’d like to have a truly tropical experience than visiting a cocktail bar in Curaçao for some quality craft cocktail is a must. When you think of the Caribbean, you think of palm trees and sipping Mai Tai’s with your toes in the white sand. In Curaçao, we take your culinary experience up a notch and swap those overly sweet Mai Tai’s for delicious a delicious blend of quality (sometimes even local) spirits with fresh homemade juices and syrups. We produce our own gin and, of course, Curaçao liqueur, so make sure to ask and try cocktails using the local spirits. There are many cocktail bars in Curaçao that serve craft cocktails and each one gives a different experience. If you’re a cocktail lover, then this list will certainly serve you well.


Karakter Beach – Lounge – Restaurant

Can you see yourself already sipping some cocktails while enjoying some fresh breeze, the beach, and the sun on your skin? At Karakter that’s exactly what you get. Karakter is situated in Banda Abou at Coral Estate. It’s a beachfront restaurant and bar that offers a wonderful culinary experience to compliment your vacation. Take a seat at a table to see the sunset or place yourselves in one of the lounges to enjoy your cocktail during a beach day. Choose one of their signature cocktails or go for a classic, whatever one you choose you won’t be disappointed.


Avila Beach Hotel

The Avila Beach Hotel offers you a complete experience. Live music, a beachfront view, and wonderful craft cocktails. While you can certainly visit during the day, the place gets even better at night. Choose between the different bars and sip on your cocktail while enjoying live music by talented local musicians. Even if you’re not into cocktails, Avila is a great place to hang and enjoy your night.


Landhuis Chobolobo

Nothing is better than tasting a delicious cocktail from the masters. The producers of the Genuine Curaçao Liqueur have a cocktail workshop in Curaçao where you get to taste their famous liqueur and see how it tastes in different cocktails.


Landhuis Chobolobo offers interactive tours and a cocktail bar to taste the classics, some Tiki cocktails, and some of their signature cocktails. If you want to level up your experience you can even join a cocktail workshop.



This is a true cocktail bar in Curaçao with signature cocktails to pair with delicious bites made with local ingredients. At Caña you get the opportunity to experience cocktail inspired by not only Curaçao but also the Caribbean. Their spirits are formed around the world and they can cater to every taste. The place is cozy and situated in the trendy Pietermaai.


La Boheme

Not exactly an exclusive cocktail bar inCuraçao, but on Thursday nights—during Punda Vibes—this place turns into the ultimate bar for some fun. The traditional and popular Punda Vibes has now become the place to be on Thursday with live music and shows all through the historic center. If you want a front-row seat, then make sure you get a table at La Boheme. Not only will you be able to experience the live entertainment, but you get to taste their pop-up cocktail bar that carrier different Venezuelan and Cuban rums. So, in other words, make sure to choose a rum-based cocktail if you want to taste the best that they offer.

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