Curaçao Flavors

Welcome to the culinary travel guide of Curaçao! On this page, you will find the most scrumptious information and tips about all the finger-licking good food on Curaçao! From the best restaurants and Antillian recipes to delicious activities on Curaçao: this is the place to be for all your Local Food in Curaçao queries. It’s gonna be delicious!

How to Have the Best Culinary Holiday on Curaçao

When you think about a Caribbean island vacation, you’re probably thinking about beach shacks with French fries and freezer hamburgers. Mainstream juice-based cocktails with little umbrellas in sling glasses. Think again! Curaçao can offer you the cocktails and the hamburger but on a much higher gastronomic level. Let us guide you on how to have the best culinary holiday on...

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Must-Visit Events on Curaçao Throughout the Year

Did you know that besides beautiful beaches and cultural activities we also have fun events on Curaçao? Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Small and large. Food, music, art, or all in one. No matter when you visit or what you like there’s a big chance there’s an event out there—on the island—that you will enjoy. The events on Curaçao cover...

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5 Must-Try Curaçao Local Food

There is no better way to get to know a culture than to enjoy its culinary environment. On Curaçao, our local cuisine was influenced by both the neighboring countries as the way people used to live back in the day. Some of the food has been modernized while some are still created according to traditional recipes. Nonetheless, all still have...

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Truk’i Pan: Curaçao’s Best Street Food

With everyone snapping and sharing their food on Instagram—seeking new experiences with every travel—street food has gained immense popularity among travel foodies. Before food trucks started popping up at every city, Curaçao had its own version of street food. ‘Truk’i Pan’, literally translated to ‘bread truck’, is a food truck on the island that serves barbecue dishes with fries or...

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5 Lunch Places on Curaçao with a Local-Modern Touch

Lunch café’s and coffee shops have been popping from under the ground all around the world. Grabbing a coffee and an avocado toast has become a religious activity for locals all around the world and a favorite pit stop for tourists trying to fuel their body before continuing their journey.  On Curaçao, we take lunch café’s a step further and...

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4 Traditional Holiday Foods of Curaçao

The holiday season is a big deal on Curaçao. There are twinkling lights on every corner of the island, celebrations during the whole month of December, and an array of delicious dishes to enjoy during the holidays. Just like the neighboring (Latin American) countries, most of the population on Curaçao is Roman Catholic. It’s especially during the holiday season that...

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My Visit at Flavors of Curaçao

I spent my Saturday evening, the 29th of September, at the wonderful food festival Flavors of Curaçao. Pulling up at the Hilton Hotel, all I could see where rows of parked cars. Even at 6:30 the festival was running and busy with people. There was a small line to get into the festival and receive the five tokens that came...

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Local Food in Curaçao: A Culinary Walk Through Punda

Curaçao is an island surrounded by clear turquoise-blue water, vibrant colorful houses, and a culinary scene to cater to all tastes. If you want to learn about the culture of Curaçao then experiencing the local food in Curaçao is the closest you will get to really knowing how the people on Curaçao live—what makes us smile and what fills our...

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