What To Do in Jan Thiel

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Jan Thiel is one of my favorite neighborhoods and places in Curaçao, which located in the Southeast edge of the island. It has been since I was a child, specifically, the infamous beach there. It is one of my favorite beaches here on the island. I love the view, the facilities, the food, the ocean, the sandy white beach, and the atmosphere. It is difficult to describe what makes Jan Thiel so magnificent and breathtaking. From the moment I step foot on the beach or sit at one of the restaurants there, it is as if all my worries fade away, blown away in the breeze.


Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel is a private beach for those not staying at the resort, it is a small fee of $3.50 or NAFL 6.00 per person to gain entrance. Once there you can make the most of the ambiance there. Jan Thiel beach is sandy white with the sea a few meters away that is a stunning turquoise blue. There are comfortable cabanas, beach chairs under palm trees, and palapas (though you need to pay for this), which is a much-needed luxury that heightens the experience of relaxing at the beach.

Besides sitting and enjoying the sun, sand, beach, and ocean, all of which are great ways to spend your day, there is so much more to there.


Shops and Restaurants

There are several shops close to the beach such as a Beach Shop for all your beach related things, a Dushi a store, BijBlauw Concept Store, various relaxing shops for pedicures or massages, and other related information shops as well. As well, do not forget the entire string of stores at the Papagayo Beach Plaza.  At this plaza, there is a supermarket, a Japanese restaurant, a lovely Italian store for gelato and pizza, a casino and sports bar for mojitos and bites, several jewelry and accessories store, various clothing stores for the beach, shoes or even souvenirs.

Alongside the numerous stores at Jan Thiel or at the Plaza there are various restaurants near the beach. Such as Zest Mediterranean and Zest Beach Café to the left of Jan Thiel, close to Papagayo. With Zanzibar Beach and Restaurant right on the beach of Jan Thiel and where guests laying on the beach chairs can order food from. Just to the right of Jan Thiel is the delicious Argentinean cuisine from Tinto with its ocean view. And finally, Koko’s all the way to the right of Jan Thiel, past the Tinto and the Scuba do dive center. There are so many great places to shop and eat at Jan Thiel, the options are bountiful.


Activities: Diving, Zapata Flyboard, and Departure Point for Tours

There is so much to do at there, from relaxing on the beach to shopping or enjoying a good bite to eat. However, there is, even more, to do than relax, shop, or eat. On the right side of the beach, past Zanzibar Beach and Restaurant, and right next to Tinto is the Scuba Do dive center. Scuba Do is a PADI certified dive center that takes you on diving trips all over the island and also at Jan Thiel. This dive center also provides diving courses from an introduction (which I have done and was an enchanting experience) to a full 4 days PADI, which at the end means you are a fully certified diver! At the beach, there is also Zapata Flyboard Caribbean where one can fly above the water, here at Jan Thiel you will always see someone flying around.

What is great about Jan Thiel is the location of the beach on the Southeast coast. From the pier at Zanzibar, there are several boat tours that depart from it. Tours such as Catamaran BlueFinn and Powerboat Caribbean for Klein Curaçao. It is important to note that these boats go to more destinations than Klein Curaçao, however, they have a different departure point.

Zanzibar Saturday Nights

Jan Thiel is most popular one night a week for both locals and tourists. That night is Saturday! Every Saturday at 5:00 pm there is a happy hour at Zanzibar where several drinks are only half price! Quite a few popular bands of Curaçao will come and provide live music, which creates a fun ambiance for the night. After happy hour ends at 6:00 pm the music keeps going well into the evening. Zanzibar is the place to be every Saturday night.

Jan Thiel has so much to offer and there are even more aspects to this neighborhood that I have yet to discover! Moreover, of what I do know of Jan Thiel is that it is a great beach to swim and relax at, has many great restaurants from delicious foods, nice stores to shop (occasionally window shop) at, and an amazing Saturday nightlife with a live band and great ambiance.

Greetings, Jyona

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