Top 5 Best Snorkeling Spots of Curaçao

Category: | Published on: November 6, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

Our little slice of paradise, our island, has many enchanting places to snorkel. With our clear, blue waters the visibility underwater is immense, which makes Curaçao a perfect island for snorkeling. Whether you are a die-hard snorkel lover or you’ve never snorkeled before in your life, you can enjoy the stunning underwater world of Curaçao. The top five snorkel spots that you must visit are Klein Curaçao, Tugboat, Shipwreck, Blue Room, and Playa Piskado. I have snorkeled these places myself and each where fantastic! These spots were enchanting, stunning, and amazing to see. Read on for the Top 5 Best Curacao Snorkeling Spots!


1. Klein Curaçao

Klein Curaçao is an island off the south-east coast of Curaçao, which is uninhabited and pristine. The beach on the west side is white and sandy, while the water is the bluest water you have ever seen. With such water, there is great visibility underwater and as the island is untouched the reefs there are one of the best Curaçao has to offer.

There an immense amount of life in these reefs, which are just offshore from the beach. However, what makes Klein Curaçao a true gem is not just the stunning, lively reef but the Sea Turtles that can be found there. There is a good chance that when visiting Klein Curaçao you could have an underwater encounter with a Sea Turtle. This is an experience you cannot get tired off, I know I haven’t! Snorkeling with Sea Turtles is serene and exciting, while these graceful animals swim all around you. Keep in mind that Sea Turtles are endangered species, thus be sure to not touch them!


2. Tugboat

Just on the eastern side of Caracasbaai, in the shallows, is the famous sunken Tugboat laying straight up at the bottom of the sea. This shipwreck is so full of life with schools of Yellowfin Snappers, what I believe are Blue Angelfish, Sergeant Major Fish Parrotfish, and so much more vibrant fish. The boat is covered in corals and taken over by marine life. In other words, it is breathtaking and I understand why this is just a famous place to snorkel. There is also more to see at Caracasbaai than the Tugboat. A bit further beyond the Tugboat are large fields of coral full of marine life, all the way up to Directors’ Bay. Snorkeling at Caracasbaai to the Tugboat is a must do on your trip to Curaçao.


3. Shipwreck

This Shipwreck may not be as famous as the Tugboat at Caracasbaai but it is a stunning spot to snorkel at. This wreck is off the coast, just a bit further east of the Sea Aquarium and before you arrive at Jan Thiel. This shipwreck is isolated and is only accessed with a boat tour, I went with the BlueFinn. This sunken ship was surrounded by various fish and covered in corals especially a vibrant blue coral. It is as if the ship sunk on top a reef and with time slowly reclaimed by nature. It is amazing to see and more so to snorkel!


4. Blue Room

The Blue Room is one of the most enchanting places on Curaçao. This magical cave transforms with each wave. This is another spot that is only accessible via boat and there are several boat tours that go to this cave such as the Powerboat Tour to West Punt of Curaçao and Blue Room Snorkeling with the Pelican Express.


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This cave is hidden among the high cliffs of the southern coast but the three parallel marks the low entrance to the Blue Room. It is the low entrance, with the high walls of the cave, as well the turquoise waters that all together form the magic that is the Blue Room. Once the tide reaches the opening the cave lights up, it is as if the walls are dancing with shimmering blue lights. This is a breathtaking place and an amazing spot to swim. When I was there I simply floated on my back and watched the walls of the cave shimmer. Below in the waters are schools of fish, the waters are deep enough to free-dive among the fish.  It is said the best time to visit this cave is in the afternoon, around 4-5 pm, as the sun is low enough to shine along the walls of the Blue Room. I would recommend visiting the Blue Room, it is an enchanting experience.


5. Playa Piskado

This small beach close to Westpunt is a known berth for many fishing boats. This beach is where the fishermen come and clean off their catch, as well, disposing of the chum into the sea. It is also famous for the unforeseen phenomenon. As a result, the clever Sea Turtles followed the fishermen to Playa Piskado where they eat the scraps of the fish there and have been doing so for years. This beach is a guaranteed spot to see Sea Turtles. It is a great place to snorkel, watching the Turtles swim by and around you. There is also more to see at Playa Piskado than Turtles, there is also an amazing reef along the beach, especially near the bright yellow apartments of All West Apartments and Diving. Nearby Piskado is also the famous Jaanchi’s Restaurant, which is known for its local cuisine!


These snorkel spots are some of the best places to experience the best Curaçao’s underwater world has to offer.  I found snorkeling at the five amazing spots to be enchanting and memorable experiences. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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