Where to Travel to After Quarantine

Category: | Published on: April 16, 2020 | By Omaily Lucas

Side Note: These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives on a global scale, forcing travelers to halt or shift their travel plans. This too shall pass and when it does, we know that you’ll be eager to hop on a plane again and discover the world. Whenever that moment will be for you, we hope that our content will serve as an inspiration and a guide. We encourage you to daydream with us today and bookmark our articles for the future. For now, stay safe, follow your government’s guidelines, and take the necessary precautions.

The current situation made us value traveling even more. Getting excited about the planning stage and having the freedom to just take a plane and land into foreign lands. While our travels may be restricted at this moment, our freedom to dream and get inspired is not. Want to know where to travel to after quarantine? This list will offer you a good head start. Now, of course, it’s practically impossible to create a list that suits every need. It’s not like we can read your palm and know exactly where your travel destiny lies. What we can do is offer you our best suggestion for whatever your interests are, or mood will be.


To Relax & Destress – Curaçao

After being hunkered down at home for weeks and getting stressed about the news, we could all use some deserving downtime to decompress and recharge. We may be biased, but Curaçao is the perfect destination to get away from it all and reconnect with calmness. No need to wonder where to travel to get your feet in the sand and feel the fresh breeze kiss your cheek.

This little gem in the Caribbean is waiting for you with open arms. Enjoy the crystal-clear blue sea and let the waves wash the stress away and bring in a new energy. Get active and enjoy the outside with all the different (cultural) activities the island has to offer. Has Curaçao piqued your curiosity? We have tons of fun blog posts to get you inspired.


To Get Sporty – Queenstown, New Zealand

If you’re asking yourself where to travel to if you want a more active vacation, then Queenstown is home to many sport and adventurous activities. This resort city in the Pacific Ocean is known for its active vibe.

You can go bungee jumping from the famous Kawarau Bridge or jet boat through the clear turquoise colored river, Shotover River. Whatever your sport of choice—your activity of choice—is, at Queenstown you can let your sporty energy go loose.


To Fine Dine – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo not only has the largest number of fine dining restaurants, but it also houses the largest amount of Michelin star restaurants in the world (including dozens of three-Michelin starred restaurants). Forget all those takeaways and deliveries you’ve been having lately, now you get to experience 5, 6, 7 courses from renowned and talented chefs in a suit or dress instead of the pajama outfit.

To Shop – London, UK

Want to know where to travel to if you want to shop your heart out? How about visiting the capital and largest city of England that offers a wide range of shopping options. Quaint little street with boutiques, large marketing with eclectic stalls, thrift stores with unique finds, and let’s not forget the iconic and leading luxury department store, Harrods. Whether you’re looking for trendy pieces at a great price or an upscale fashion experience, London can sure deliver on all of that.


To Experience Wildlife – Botswana

What better place to experience wildlife than on the south part of the African continent? Botswana’s landscape is defined by the Kalahari Desert and Okavanga Dessert. This makes it an abundant habitat for a diverse wildlife. The Nothern-part of Botswana is one of the few places where you can still see the endangered African wild dog. Chobe’s National Park has the largest population of African elephants. Enjoy the delta, the desert environment, the grasslands or savannas. Botswana offers a unique opportunity to marvel at the wonders of the world.

While right now, we may be enclosed in the quarters of our home, it doesn’t mean that we can’t start to get inspired and plan our next trip. We all travel for different reasons and this list may bring some much-needed clarity around where to travel to. Is your dream destination for that dream vacation in this list?

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