5 Ways to Have a Relaxing Vacation on Curaçao

Category: | Published on: April 17, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

Serene turquoise water, the sounds of waves kissing the shore, white calming sand, and a divine lightness almost every day is for many the exact definition of relaxing. Every corner, every detail, every passing breeze on Curaçao is the exact definition of serenity. Whether you’re looking for a completely relaxing vacation, day in and day out, or just a few days relaxations between your adventurous days we will provide you with 5 ways to have a relaxing vacation on Curaçao and make most out of all relaxation activities Curaçao has to offer.


Choose a Less Popular Beach

There are many beautiful beaches around the island, but if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation on Curaçao then choose a calm beach with fewer people visiting. Banda Abou has some of the most beautiful beaches and the less busy ones. Playa Porto Mari, Daaibooi Beach, Karakter, and Kleine Knip are some of the beaches on Curaçao that are less visited—especially during weekdays. Go early to get a prime spot close to the beach. Unplug completely and enjoy the moment by actually being in the moment.


Spend a Day at a Spa

If you really want to have a relaxing vacation on Curaçao then spend a day at a spa. Curaçao has an amazing spa studio with ocean front view. You can spend the day pamper yourself with deep facial treatments, full-body massage, manicure or pedicure, or treat you and your loved one with a couples treatment. Many hotels on Curaçao have a spa but if yours doesn’t then a few favorites are 8 The Experience at Oasis Coral Estate Park, Atabei Spa at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, and Santai Spa at Avila Beach Hotel.


Have Ocean-Front Breakfast

Start your day like a champion with a delicious breakfast and an extraordinary view. Whether you get to do that on your hotel balcony, or you have to get dressed and find a spot, an ocean-front breakfast is always a great way to start your day. Can you imagine hearing those shore sounds with the first rays of sunshine glimmering on top of the ocean while you eat your pancakes and sip on coffee? Don’t be afraid to go alone either, if you’re in need of some me-time.

Have Ocean-Front Dinner

Close the day, the way you welcomed the day. Have a candle-light dinner, under the shimmering stars, with the ocean just a few steps away is the definition of having a relaxing vacation on Curaçao. Can you already feel the sand in between your toes as you sip on delicious bubbly champagne? It’s not only relaxing but also a little bit celebratory. There are many restaurants with ocean-view tables, but there aren’t many that offer you private dining experience with your own cabana and a relax and quiet atmosphere. Blues and The Pen Restaurant at Avila Beach Hotel both offer a 3-course menu to enjoy on the beach. If you want to go even fancier than Baoase Luxury Resort will offer you exactly that.


Take a Yoga Class

A relaxing vacation on Curaçao must include yoga at the beach. Control your breathing, learn to be in the moment, and capture your serene surrounding. Sunrise and sunset are the best moments for some yoga. Many spas, hotels, and gym offer yoga at the beach or you can even try SUP Yoga by Dushi SUP—if you really want to be in sync with the ocean.

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