The Ultimate Guide to Street Art on Curaçao

Category: | Published on: August 8, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

Everyone knows that art is one of the best representations of a country’s culture. On the other hand, street art not only represents the superficial layer of a country’s culture but it also beautifully showcases its subculture. It shows its pains and gains. The people who built the nation and the ones who might have chipped it. It’s subjective yet insightful. We believe in the art on Curaçao and we’ve dedicated many blog posts on this subject. This one, though, will be completely dedicated to street art on Curaçao.

This will include all the best neighborhoods to find street art on the island. Consider it your ultimate guide to street art on Curaçao.



Let’s start in the heart of the island. Because, where else would we start, right? It’s the historic centrum of the island and one of the first places people visit when touring the island. If you’re looking for local art then check out the art alley. Not only is it filled with shops from local crafters, but the whole alley is vibrant and a party to look at. The art alley and a few of the surrounding alleys in Punda are not just your standard murals. They feature colorful sculpture-type of art that represents the different elements of the island, from the flowers to the iconic iguana.



Perhaps one of the best places to admire street art on Curaçao is in Otrobanda. Like it’s often the case, you’ll find the most street art in the neighborhoods that needs the most love. The neighborhoods that need a pick me up and a push into the right direction. On Curaçao that place is Otrobanda. Walk through the narrow alleys of Otrobanda and find street art from Curaçao’s finest artists. Every mural has a story. A story of the most important moments in our history, of our customs, and of our way of viewing life. Their murals are spread over the whole neighborhood, so take an art tour and let them guide through all the places.



Skalo is an up-and-coming neighborhood that over the last few years has gotten a major transformation. What was once a neighborhood for only sex and drugs has now slowly been getting the charm it used to have back, partly due to the beautiful murals it features. The neighborhood is not big, making it very easy and safe to explore during the day.



Pietermaai has quickly become one of the most popular neighborhoods in Willemstad. It’s not only the place to be for good food, drinks, and nightlife but also to admire the street art on Curaçao found in the colonial streets of the neighborhood. The beauty of this neighborhood is that the mural is tucked between beautifully restored mansions, making the contrast completely mesmerizing. It’s totally worth a visit.

Wherever you go to admire the murals, do not only snap a picture and move on but try to understand the meaning behind the painting. Many will give you a deep insight into the story of the island that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Stories that are buried deep inside our history, that are sometimes too painful to tell, or too politicized to know the facts from the opinions. But it’s in those stories that you will learn the true face of the island.

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