The Ultimate Curaçao Beach List

Category: | Published on: July 25, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

On Curaçao you’ll find vibrant culture, rich history, swinging local music, finger-licking good food, and Insta-worthy architecture. Let’s be honest though, the beaches are the highlight of anyone’s visit to Curaçao. For this reason, we present you the ultimate Curaçao beach list.

The beaches are probably the reason why you chose to come to the island in the first place and, while the island has so much cultural and adventurous activities to offer, I bet that you’re already daydreaming of laying on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, and refreshing your body in the deep blue ocean.

On Curaçao, we have a so-called west coast and east coast. The east coast is rough, with high waves and coral shores, and not suitable for swimming. The west coast, on the contrary, is where the best beaches on Curaçao are. The beaches run from the utmost south-eastern coast to utmost north-western coast.

The area of Banda Abou is characterized for having the beaches with clear blue water and colorful underwater life, not far from the shore. The beaches at Banda Ariba are the most well-known. Partly because of their accessibility but also because of all the amenities.

Our list of the Curaçao beaches is categorized by neighborhood with a brief description of what you’ll find. As a bonus, you’ll also find the most hidden beaches, the secret-gems, with the best snorkeling. These are places for the adventurous souls with a passion for shore snorkeling and who are looking to go off-the-beaten-path. This list consists of only the beaches that are accessible to the public, whether free or paid and doesn’t include private beaches or beaches that are not suitable for swimming.

Starting from the south-east to the north-west:

Banda Ariba: Santa Barbara – Jan Thiel Area

  • Santa Barbara Beach & Gold Resort – Paid: The hotel has a private, calm, beach that’s accessible to guests of the hotel. Outside visitors can also enjoy the beach for an extra fee.
  • Director’s Bay – Free: A beautiful small, hidden, beach great for snorkeling. The beach is a bit remote, so it’s always important to be careful.
  • Tugboat Beach – Free: A popular snorkeling spot and home to the sunken tugboat. The beach is free, but there are several amenities—including a bar and sunbeds—for an extra charge.
  • Baya Beach – Free: An old abandoned beach club just next to the tugboat beach and Fort Beekenburg.
  • Caracasbaai Beach – Free: A popular beach that’s often visited by local families in the weekends. It’s a great place for snorkeling with a colorful underwater world.
  • Jan Thiel Beach – Paid: A very popular Curaçao beach club that includes several restaurants, bars, a mini-mall, and aquatic and sports activities. Guests of several resorts in the neighborhood can enjoy this beach for free. Curious about this beach? Check out our blog post dedicated to the area.

Bapor Kibrá Area

  • Mambo Beach Boulevard – Paid: Just like Jan Thiel, this is another popular beach club with a mini-mall and different amenities to enjoy. Curious about this beach? Check out our blog post dedicated to the area.
  • Mood Beach – Paid: Just next to Mambo Beach Boulevard you have Mood Beach. It’s a bit cozier than Mambo Beach but just as nice. The amenities are a bit more upscale.
  • Marie Pampoen Beach – Free: A cozy beach often visited by locals around the area. The beach has limited amenities.
  • Baoase Luxury Resort – Paid: One of the most luxurious resorts on the island. You can enjoy their beach and restaurants for a fee.

Pietermaai Area

  • Avila Beach Hotel – Paid: A beautiful beach, part of the Avila Hotel, close to the historic center of Willemstad.
  • City Beach 88 – Free: The only city beach of Curaçao withing walking distance from Punda, Otrobanda, Pietermaai, and Scharloo. Entering is free but you have to pay for the sunbed and other amenities.

Piscadera Area

  • Parasasa Beach – Free: A small beach that is mostly frequented by locals. It has a few palapas to provide shade but no amenities.
  • Moomba Beach – Paid: A nice sandy beach that is also LGBTQ+-friendly.
  • Hilton Hotel – Paid: The hotel features a private sandy beach with a restaurant, bar, and pool to enjoy.

Sint Michiel Area

  • Blue Bay Beach – Paid: It’s similar to Jan Thiel and Mambo, but more spaciously set up and less crowded.
  • Snake Bay – Paid: A very small beach that while it has no amenity, it’s beautiful and very quiet.
  • Boca Sami – Free: A beach that used to be very popular among locals but is now more frequented by divers.
  • Kokomo Beach – Paid: A full-service sandy beach.

Banda Abou Area

  • Karákter – Free: A beautiful and trendy beach at the Oasis Coral Estate Resort. While the beach is free you do have to buy food and drink from the restaurant.
  • Daaibooi Beach Bar – Free: A beautiful and cozy beach with a laid-back vibe. Has a nice Dutch-style bar for food and drinks and sunbeds to rent.
  • Playa Porto Mari – Free: This beach is not only beautiful but also houses 2 cute pigs that are always the star of the place. Visiting the beach is free but you have to pay for the amenities.
  • Playa Cas Abou – Paid: Another full-service beach known for its beautiful tropical vibe.
  • Sunset Waters Resort – Free: An old abandoned resort that used to have a private beach. Now everyone can access the beach, but it will soon be transformed into a new all-inclusive resort. So, enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Playa Santa Cruz – Free: One of the first beaches on your way to Banda Abou. A simple beach where you’ll find the infamous Captain Good Life that offers a tour to the Blue Cave.
  • Lagun Beach – Free: A great snorkeling spot with some nice restaurants in the neighborhood.
  • Playa Jeremi – Free: A nice little beach with a few sunbeds and parasols to rent. The water itself is very pleasurable and clear with almost no big calcic rocks
  • Grote Knip & Kleine Knip – Free: Grote Knip is the most iconic Curaçao beach. Crystal clear water, white sand—in and out of the water—is the reason why many love this beach. Kleine Knip is the little sister with similar characteristics but much cozier.
  • Playa Forti/Playa Grandi & Playa Piskadó – Free: Technically, this is one beach, but it’s often viewed as two separate beaches with two entrances as well. Playa Piskado is a “fisher’s beach” where sea turtles often visit. Keep a safe distance from the turtles though.

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