Private West Coast Tour with Captain Ru

Days:Every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday
Duration: 10 hours
Min. age required:


This private tour is perfect if you want to see different spots of Curaçao in one day.

The luxurious Hatteras 43’ will take you along the west coast, where you can see the colorful architecture of Punda, the impressive floating bridge and beautiful Otrobanda. Then you will discover the most striking beaches of Bandabou and you can’t miss our gorgeous coastline. A special spot will be the Blue Room, where you will experience an unforgettable snorkeling adventure! The captain will tell you interesting stories about Curaçao. This boat departs from Jan Sofat 205 at 7 am to make the most of the day!


  • Swimming at beaches that are not accessible by car
  • Snorkeling in the Blue Room
  • Snorkeling at a shipwreck


  • Open Bar (Soft Drinks Beer and or Wine)
  • Small Breakfast (Bread with Chicken Salad and or Ham and Cheese)
  • BBQ (Meat, Chicken, Spareribs, Potato Salad and Garlic Bread)
  • During the Day some Healthy Snacks
  • Snorkel Gears

Traveler tips

  • You need to bring your own: Towel, Hat (for the sun), swim clothing, and sunglasses
  • If possible long sleeve swimming shirt/ Rash guard and bring Reef friendly Sunscreen
  • The maximum is 8 people
  • Private West Coast Tour on Curacao 1
  • Private West Coast Tour on Curacao 2
  • Private West Coast Tour on Curacao 4
  • Private West Coast Tour on Curacao 5
  • Private West Coast Tour on Curacao 6


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