• Escape Game Curacao
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  • Escape Game Curacao
  • Escape Game Curacao
  • Escape Game Curacao

Escape Game Curaçao

Cultural Tours
Days: Every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday Duration:2 hours Min.age required:10

Explore Punda or Otrobanda with puzzles and assignments while getting background information about the places you visit

Explore Punda or Otrobanda in a fun way and get background stories about the places you visit. You play the game with an offline application on your phone. Complete assignments and puzzles which will lead you through Punda or Otrobanda. The escape game takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.


    • Curaçao and Dushi signs
    • Pontoon bridge
    • Punda hearts
    • New round market
    • Streetart in Punda or Otrobanda


    • Code to access the application

Traveler tips

  • Try to walk before 10 AM or after 4 PM because of the heat
  • Bring water and sunscreen protection
  • Take an extra phone or camera with you for photos
  • Use reading glasses if you have them
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