EFoil Surfing in Curaçao

Days:Every Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday
Duration: 1 hour
Min. age required:10


eFoiling is the future of modern water sports. Foil Surf Curacao (FSC) is all about surf, foiling technique, waves, and wind. At FSC you can learn how to foil within one hour.

Ride towards an incredible experience and discover the exhilarating free feeling of foiling while you glide silently through the water! You can easily learn how to fly over the water without wind, waves, or even surf skills. Quiet and emission-free! We are happy to help you to master foiling, and we are dealer of the best eFoil brand Waydoo Flyer One. Get the stoke!

What is Efoil surf?  It is a new way of surfing, giving you the sensation of flying over the waves.

How does it work?

Efoil surf is riding a surfboard that has a mast attached to the board instead of a fin, it is powered by an electric propulsion system. The wings attached at the bottom of the mast makes you fly. This tour is available at 10:00 and at 13:00, Tuesday to Fridays at Caracasbaaiweg next to Windsurfing Curaçao.


  • Master foiling without skills, wind, or waves


  • Pictures and movies
  • Helmets and impact vest

Traveler tips

  • Wear a lycra or t-shirt, no sunglasses,
  • The maximum weight 100kg, 220LBs
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