ATV Quad 6 hours West Tour

Days:Every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday
Duration: 6 hours
Min. age required:8


This is the tour for adrenaline junkies. For six exciting hours, you will drive over Curaçao on a quad. Leave a trail of dust behind as you cross the plains of San Pedro and search for the most beautiful spots of Bandabou. You’ll go for a swim and say hello to the flamingos. Wait for the end of it!

Looking for a real adrenaline rush? This tour begins at 9 am at Eric’s ATV across from Lion’s Dive. Get your kicks from this six-hour partly off-road tour as you head into the rough nature of Bandabou on a quad! On a Quad, you will drive over the sandy plains of San Pedro to the shadowy Witch Cave and discover the most beautiful spots along the western coast of Curaçao.

You will stop to take in a magnificent view of plantation house Ascension, go for a refreshing dive at one of the golden beaches of Bandabou and wave the flamingos goodbye at Willibrordus. To top it all off you’ll race over the fifty-meter tall Juliana Bridge!


  • Quiet start through beautiful residential areas of Curaçao
  • Speed up on the San Pedro plains, the desert of Curaçao
  • Visit the Witch Cave, the main attraction of San Pedro
  • The surroundings of Ascension
  • Turtle Bay, sea turtle spotting
  • Swim at Knip Beach
  • Flamingo spotting in Willibrordus
  • Bullenbay
  • Driving over the Juliana Bridge in Otrabanda


  • Single seater ATV for $196.20 or Double seater ATV for $305.20
  • Gas
  • Drinks
  • Multilingual Guide
  • Email with pictures

Traveler tips

  • It’s advisable to wear old clothing
  • Bring swim clothing, a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a bandana
  • Drivers must hold a valid drivers’ license and be able to show this
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