Top 5 West Coast Beaches

Category: | Published on: October 9, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

Our beautiful island, like most islands in the Caribbean, has many stunning beaches. However, the best beaches on our island can be found on the south-west coast of Curaçao. The sea here is known for its clear, blue waters, and sandy beaches. The top five best beaches in Curaçao that you must visit are Grote Knip, Cas Abao, Kleine Knip, Playa Porto Marie, and Playa Jeremi. I remember growing up and on Sunday going to West Punt for a day at the beach, which usually was one of these five beaches. Every time I came back to Curaçao for vacation when I was studying abroad visiting these beaches there was and always is something to do. These beaches are beautiful, warm, relaxing, and a great way to recharge one’s battery.


1. Grote Knip

This name means Big Knip and is one of the most famous beaches on Curaçao. Well, not just Curaçao but globally as well. In 2017 Grote Knip was placed as the 8th best beach in the world. A fact I am very proud of. This beach is a favorite among locals and tourists for its natural beauty, sandy beach, clear blue waters, and the off-shore reefs. At Grote Knip both swimmers and snorkelers can enjoy this water as the reefs are offshore but still close by.

Grote Knip is a picturesque beach that is very hard to resist taking a picture off. I have never seen a beach with waters this blue before in my life. I truly recommend going to Grote Knip and it has no entrance fee! There are several facilities like beach beds and umbrellas, snack bar, and a bathroom. Moreover, several water sports available like snorkels, transparent kayaks, and paddleboards.


2. Cas Abao

One of my personal favorite beaches on Curaçao is Cas Abao, literally means House Below, and it is a stunningly gorgeous beach. With its sandy beach, turquoise water, and palm trees, this beach is truly a paradise. There is so much available here such as a restaurant, dive school, water sports, and of course beach chairs and umbrellas.

Though this beach is amazing it is a private beach that is open by 8 am till 6 pm. As it is private there is an entrance fee, per car, of 10 guilders from Mondays to Saturdays. While Sundays or holidays has an entrance fee of 12.50 guilders.


3. Kleine Knip

Kleine Knip, which means Little Knip, is the sister beach of Grote Knip as it is about half its size. This small but beautiful beach is a great place to go swimming, snorkel, and enjoy a day at the beach. This beach is also a favorite for both tourists and locals, which is why it gets very busy during the weekend. This is a most go for snorkel lovers as the coral reefs are close to shore, which are full marine life.

Like Grote Knip, Kleine Knip has no entrance fee, but it does not have the same facilities such as a snack bar nor a bathroom like Grote Knip. However, there are beach beds, umbrellas, and snorkels present.


4. Playa Porto Mari

This beach, like others on this list, has a white sandy beach with turquoise waters. This beach is a must for all snorkel or diving lovers. As well, be sure to visit the famous pigs located only at this beach!

There are even special facilities here for divers as well a great restaurant to sit and eat with a gorgeous view sea. Playa Port Mari is as well a private beach with an entrance fee of 5 guilders per person. Several tours have a stop at this beach.

5. Playa Jeremi

At last, the picturesque cove of Playa Jeremi. With a narrow stair down is the hidden beach of Jeremi. Once down this stunning natural beach is simply beautiful. The water here is so clear and blue. Jeremi is a public beach with no entrance fee, however, there aren’t any facilities, not any chairs or toilet. If there is one downside to Playa Jeremi, not a real downside, is a lack of shade in this cove. You are exposed to the sun here so please be vigilant with applying sunscreen when visiting this beach! Moreover, bring your own drinks and food.

These beaches are very popular as they are visited almost every weekend by locals. If you would like some peace and quiet on these beaches go during the week. Or go early enough to secure your own spot. Also recommend you bring your own food, drinks, and money for the entrance of the beaches or chairs.

I hope you love these beaches as much as I do.

Cheers, Jyona

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