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Category: | Published on: July 12, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

Calling all Dolphin lovers! The magical experience of swimming with a majestic animal. There are very few words I can come up with to describe this experience. This tour allows you to enter the water with the dolphins, swim, touch, and even play with them. Before entering the lagoon, we are carefully instructed on how to handle the dolphins, what to do, how to position ourselves, and what not to do. This way we can enjoy the dolphins, respect them, and ensure the dolphins enjoy our presence as well.


Dolphin Swim Curaçao

Entering the lagoon with our flippers we could already see the two dolphins and the baby next to Lisa the trainer. The dolphins were Ritiña, Roxette, and her baby Luna who is six months old. We received a warm welcome kiss on the cheek from one of the dolphins and a chance to pose for the camera. Next, we got to touch and hold the tips of the pectoral fins, while once again posing for the camera. We can choose several games to play with the dolphins.

All six of us in the lagoon had an encounter with one of the dolphins. Next came the chance to swim with the dolphins. The games, the kiss we got were great and even exciting, however, the truly enchanting part of this activity is the swim. Where we can pet the dolphins, past the face as we were instructed, to their heart’s content. If dolphins really like you, which is what happened to me, they will linger, let you pet them, and come back for more. Roxette and Ritiña came back to me. Lucky me!

I was truly lucky and well-liked by the dolphins Roxette and Ritiña. I got to pet the stomach of Roxette as she decided she wasn’t going back until she got her fill. Ritiña was very sweet and protective as she lingered around the young girl in the lagoon with us. The lovely dolphins seemed very happy being petted to bliss. The soft, smooth skin is great to touch. I was enchanted to touch the dolphins and see how happy they were to be pampered. Roxette had her eyes were closed and she was very relaxed. You can see these amazing mammals are truly cherished. An amazing experience!


Curaçao Sea Aquarium

Don’t forget to purchase some pictures of your swim or any other goods from the Dolphin Academy gift store. You will want to have some memorabilia of this magical experience. Afterward, you are free to watch any show or walk around the Sea Aquarium. The park is open from 8 am to 5 pm and I would recommend you make a day of it at the Sea Aquarium. The Sea Aquarium has several activities and shows that occur throughout the day. There are Sea Lions and Dolphins training shows while there are Lobster, Nurse Shark, Flamingo, and Action feeding sessions. Don’t forget to take part in the Aquarium tour, which takes place three times a day!


If you’re looking for more excitement the Sea Aquarium offers Animal Encounters as well (diving or snorkeling in the lagoon and feeding animals such as sharks, rays, turtles and more) and Substation Curaçao (exploring the deepest reefs and sea in their submarine). There is simply too much to do at the Sea Aquarium so do not waste the opportunity to explore!

Bloggers’ Tips

  • Bring dry clothing, swim clothing, towel, and sunblock
  • Bring your own snorkel gear and flippers- Flippers are provided and a goggle to share with the group
  • For the ladies, I would recommend you tie your hair up
  • Definity visit the gift shop at Dolphin Academy
  • Enjoy the Sea Aquarium park, there is plenty to do there all day!

Greeting, Jyona

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