Take a Dip at the Enchanting Blue Room

Category: | Published on: August 23, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

All aboard the Pelican Express as we cruise along the coast of Curaçao. At 10 am on the 11th of July we cast off towards to the western part of this precious island. Our voyage to the west allowed us to see a completely different side to Curaçao, from the sea. We cruised passed Mambo, Punda, Otrobanda, and past the Mega Piers all the way to our destination of Westpunt. Sitting on the top deck, with the wind blowing through my hair, the sun shining from amazing, I could smell the salt in the air, and the smoke from the grill. As we pass many sites along the southern coast our captain would provide small commentaries for each of these spots. The Pelican crew members and your guides made sure that everyone got snorkels and fins for when we entered the water.

This tour is truly for snorkel lovers! In all, we had three amazing stops, which were perfect to snorkel at. We even stopped to snorkel at the majestic and mysterious Blue Room Curaçao. Our first stop after sailing for less than an hour is somewhere near to the coast and beach of Kokomo. Here we entered the turquoise water to snorkel up and down, off, the coast. We can see small schools of fish and vast amounts of coral along the ocean bottom. Here we could float, snorkel, relax until we are called back to the Pelican. We could swim with three crew members while they showed the wonders of the under the sea and share stories with us. Our tour guides were funny, multilingual, social, charming, and overall made sure we had an excellent time!


Blue Room Curaçao

After leaving our first stop it was time to eat! Fresh BBQ that had been tempting us all morning and we could finally taste it. We had a buffet with three types of meat, two salads, a delicious sauce, and bread. We were always welcome for another round! For those who are vegetarians could enjoy some BBQ meat substitutes cooked in foil and salads like the rest of the passengers. Once we all have a plate and drink we continue to cruise West. Lunch was delicious and there was an open bar for water or soda, which was available all day. After the last stop, the bar is open for alcoholic drink. There is also a bathroom on board!

Our second stop is the magical Blue Room! This cave can only be accessed by boat, without a boat tour you can’t get there. What is special about this cave is that the entrance is so low to the water and when the tide reaches the openings, the cave lights up in blue light. As a group, we swam into the cave and be careful to mind your head! In this stunning and amazing cave, we could dive down and see schools of fish. Or, we could float back and watch the cave transform into the breath-taking blue room.


Playa Piskado

After leaving the Blue Room we cruised to Playa Piskado so that we could swim and snorkel with the sea turtles located here. This was an extra stop in our tour. On the way, we were given a refreshing fruit salad in fruit punch. Around 2:30 we were off to the most western punt of the island, afterward, we turned and stopped at Kura Hulanda. Here we could get off and get on the bus back to our hotels. However, you could stay aboard and take the long way back to the dock by the Sea Aquarium.


This blue room snorkeling tour is relaxing and is a great way to see the south-west coast of the island. It gives a different perspective of the island. The crew is fun, with music playing in the background, creating a good atmosphere. The sites we stopped were breath-taking and just stunning!

My fellow travelers

  • I personally recommend taking this tour!
  • Before getting aboard the boat be sure to take your fins off!
  • As you eat lunch the boat will be cruising be sure to hold on!
  • At the entrance of the blue room swim in the middle of the cave, biggest opening, so that you don’t bump your head. Be sure to lift a hand above your head to protect it.

This is truly an amazing tour, enjoy!

Greeting, Jyona

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