Sailing to the Vibrant West Coast of Curaçao

Category: | Published on: May 23, 2019 | By Jyona Jacobs

This Sunday, April 21st I had the opportunity to sail up and down the South West Coast of Curaçao. A truly wonderful way to celebrate Easter. I stepped aboard the BlueFinn at Mood Beach, right next Mambo Beach BLVD, at 8:30. From that moment this incredible tour began, where we explored the Southern Coast all the way to Cas Abao, Kokomo, and Punda, Willemstad.


BlueFinn Charters Curaçao

BlueFinn Charters offers many different tours, one of which is their West Coast Sailing Trip. This tour is only on Sundays. On aboard this magnificent 75ft long Catamaran, we were able to sail up and down the South West Coast for around 8 hours. This tour took showed us all the sights to be found on this coast and made its first stop at the mesmerizing Cas Abao.

From the moment we were seated onboard we were offered a drink and while the catamaran set sail our Captain Stijn was kind enough to introduce the rest of the staff onboard. There was Babette who made our drinks along with Roy who is also a Captain. Captain Stijn reminded us to be nice to them as it is they who have to take care of us, fix our drinks, food, and keep us safe. By the time we reached the Hilton Hotel, we finally could open the sail and started sailing towards the West Coast. BlueFinn is an eco-friendly catamaran, thus, as much as possible they will try to use renewable energy like solar panels and of course the wind.


Cas Abao

Sailing towards Cas Abao we encountered some rough waves, however, sitting onboard the luxurious catamaran made the journey smooth as possible. From my seat, I could smell the salt in the air, feel the warmth of the sun, and there was lots of fresh wind.

According to a National Geographic article written in 2017, Cas Abao Cas Abao is considered one of the best beaches in the world, in fact, it is ranked number18 on this list. This gorgeous beach is located on the Western Coast of Curaçao and it is the first stop of our sailing tour

After sailing for over two hours we have arrived in Cas Abao, where the water is a vibrant turquoise and where a hidden underwater wonderland can be found. Just on the right side of the bay (facing the beach) is an entire world full of coral, tropical fish, sea fans, and so much more. There was an insane amount to see as we snorkeled there and something I have never experience before in all my times going to Cas Abao. I never knew near the edges of the bay there is a spectacular, scenic world. As promised at 12:00 we had a delicious BBQ lunch featuring baby back ribs, grilled chicken, and tenderloin meat. As we stopped at Cas Abao, swaying gently with the current it was very relaxing, sitting in the sun, and created a zen atmosphere.


Punda, Willemstad

After leaving Cas Abao we headed straight to Kokomo beach. With the coast on our left and the deep blue open sea on our right, we sailed for around an hour. On my left, I could see dozens of villas lining the coast and hotels as we sailed past them. This is truly a sailing tour. We got to experience the beauty of our rugged coast. As well, we got to enjoy gliding over the waves as we sailed in and out of each bay. It created a see-saw feeling.

At around 14:20 we arrived at Kokomo where we would stay for around 45 minutes to an hour. This was our second stop and it added to the feeling that this sailing tour is very relaxing. I couldn’t help but think that this tour is the definition of Sunday Vibes with its fun but relaxing atmosphere.

As we left Kokomo, we sailed further East towards Willemstad. For those who were sitting in the nets in the front of the catamaran got a fantastic surprise, in the form of a big wave! Those laying in the net got to experience several splashes each time the front of the catamaran dipped into the waves.

Just after 16:00 we arrived at Punda. This is the third and final stop of this sailing tour. We sailed part way into the St Anna Bay, to the Floating Queen Emma Bridge. Here we could see the infamous historic and iconic Punda scene. One of the best-known sights of Curaçao has to be Penha, we got to see colonial Fort Amsterdam, and the blue tones of Otrobanda.

By 17:00 we were back at Mood Beach after an incredible at sea, sailing the South West Coast, snorkeling at Cas Abao and Kokomo, and seeing the artistic Punda, Fort Amsterdam, and Otrobanda from the sea.


My Fellow Sailors

  • For those, like me, suffer from motion sickness I truly advise you take your seasick medication. As well, eat proper breakfast in the morning.
  • Bring your underwater camera, you will want to capture as much of this fanatic tour and underwater worlds are hidden on our West Coast.
  • Be sure to use plenty of sunscreens and reapply!

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