Sailing in Curaçao’s Sunset on Catamaran BlueC

Category: | Published on: November 21, 2019 | By Jyona Jacobs

Thursday evening, on November 15th I had the splendid opportunity to once again sail around the coast of Curaçao. Onboard the Catamaran BlueC we sailed up and down the coast, watched the sunset, and the stars come out. Sailing around Curaçao while the sunsets is a fantastic way to spend an evening. The Catamaran BlueC departed from the luxurious Blue Bay just after five. Blue Bay is a gated community, full of elegant villas, a massive golf course, hotels, and a beach. From here the Catamaran BlueC departs for its many sailing Curaçao trips.


Blue Bay Beach

We arrived at the quiet, elegant, and frankly stunning Blue Bay at around quarter to five. We drove through the villas, hotels, and golf courses. Once we reached the white sandy beach, I could see rows of beach chairs and palm trees. Just standing at the beach I could feel the soft ocean breeze, smell food cooking in the kitchen, and just take in this relaxing scenic sight. Instantly, I felt all the tension leaving my body as I stood on this beach. To the left of the beach is the Dive Shop, where we checked in for the tour. Next, we stood at the beach watching how the sun glimmers on the sea.


Once it was five, we walked towards the pier, left of the beach, and waiting to board the dingy that would take us to the catamaran. From the pier we could see the 60-foot catamaran, on the horizon, heading into Blue Bay. With the help of the crew I stepped on the BlueC, once settled in my spot I was offered a drink. This Catamaran BlueC offers many spots to sit and enjoy the journey. You could stay below in the main area, enjoy the benches on the sides of the deck, or even sit on top of the roof. Onboard the catamaran there is a bathroom on board. Soon we were cruising east, passing by the hotspots of the island on our left. Hotspots such as Piscadera, where Pirate Bay and the Aquafari’s are, and the reopened Marriott Hotel. On the horizon, we could already see the massive cruise ship get bigger and bigger as we get closer to the Mega Pier. The large white and deep navy cruise ship from the Holland America Line was docked at Mega Pier. As we got closer, we could see people waving at us from the Volendam and being next to such a large ship made us feel very small.


Punda, Willemstad

Just outside the St. Anna Bay, the harbor of Curaçao, we watched the sun slowly get closer to setting. The sky that was once a light blue started to get grey, with streaks of orange and yellow splashed across the sky. As it is the fall, quickly the sun dipped out sight leaving an orange and dark sky. Thereafter, we turned into the opening of the harbor. On our left, we would see the colorful Rif Fort Village and bright Otrobanda straight ahead was the infamous floating Emma Bridge. The right we got the change to up close see the iconic Punda, with Penha all bright yellow, and the old Fort Amsterdam.

From Punda, Willemstad we sailed further east, passing by gorgeous and historic Pietermaai. Once we passed Pietermaai we turned back towards Blue Bay. Sailing with the current, heading back west we got the see the island all light up, with little lights dancing in the darkness. Shortly, we were back at Blue Bay, with its sparkling lanterns and back on the dingy to shore. This sailing trip was fun, with a relaxing ambient feeling, and friendly staff. A wondrous way to spend a Monday or Thursday evening!



  • On this catamaran, you will most likely get sprayed. Thus, wear clothes you do not mind getting wet and flipflops.
  • Take seasick prevention medication
  • Enjoy a nice dinner at Blue Bay Beach

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