Paddling Around Spanish Water

Category: | Published on: August 30, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

My tour began with a gorgeous view of the Spanish Water Curaçao at 10 AM in the morning. From where I stood I could see people windsurfing and in the distance ships cruising in the waters. The sun was warm and high in the sky as we were waiting to start our tour. We got on a small boat and speed across the Spanish Water, passing by other boats, the mangroves that surround the Spanish Water. We stopped at a small empty area of the lagoon where the paddleboards were tied up to a mangrove. Once strapped to the board, sitting on top of them, waiting for everyone to settle.


Spanish Water Curaçao

Here we learned how to maneuver the board with our oars. How to turn left, right, stop, fast turns, slow turns, and how to simply paddle. I had a hard time gaining my balance once standing on the board, but I found that by looking up, instead of down, helped me find my ‘sea legs’. Moreover, standing in the middle of the board with your feet shoulder width apart also helps! Once we all got some practice we set off to explore the beautiful Spanish Water and all it entails.

We paddled near the mangroves, to stay free of the current, and we could see the wildlife within the mangroves. Birds would fly high above us and we could see such vibrant green leaves of the mangrove for as far as the eye can see. In the water, you can see the deep roots of the mangroves with these random red roots in between. Our charming guide informed us that those red pieces we saw attached to the roots of the mangroves were red corral. Furthermore, we learned about the mangroves themselves.  We took a break in this small gap, hidden in the groves, to sit. Here we ate a granola bar and drank some water. With some crumbs falling into the water we could see a great number of small fish! As well, crawling along the roots and branches we could see tiny little crabs.  Here in this hidden gap, as we recharged, it was simply serene. Feeling the cool water on my legs, feeling the light breeze of the wind, sitting in the shade of the mangroves, listening to the small voices of the birds hidden from my sight and all I could feel was peace. This was one of my favorite moments of this tour because we could just take in the environment around us.

Our tour is now halfway. As we paddle away from the mangroves we entered the open water of the Spanish Water Curaçao. I have to say the tour got very exciting. With the winds on our backs, we could paddle faster than before. The water was rougher with the current and we could surf a little on the waves. Stand Up Paddle is a true sporty activity and at this point of the tour exhilarating. We crossed the Spanish Water, passing the marina, and paddling back SUP Curaçao where the tour began, just about two hours later.

Stand Up Paddling on the Spanish Water Curaçao was a great tour and a lovely way to spend the morning. It is a pretty active activity, a water sport, with a great tour mixed in-between in a beautiful environment.

My advice

  • Since I am sensitive to seasickness as a precaution I took sea-sick medication
  • When paddling make sure to look up and not down at the water to help with your balance
  • Stand in the middle of the board with your feet shoulder width apart also helps!
  • There is lots of sun exposure so please wear a hat, wear sunscreen, and sunglasses if you are willing to risk them!
  • If you wish you wear clothes, make sure can be soaked
  • Wear swim clothing

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Greetings, Jyona

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