My Visit at Flavors of Curaçao

Category: | Published on: October 4, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

I spent my Saturday evening, the 29th of September, at the wonderful food festival Flavors of Curaçao. Pulling up at the Hilton Hotel, all I could see where rows of parked cars. Even at 6:30 the festival was running and busy with people. There was a small line to get into the festival and receive the five tokens that came with my ticket. Immediately I went and purchased 20 more tokens and finally entered the festival. Already I could hear music, felt a great vibe, smelled great food, and see the great stands that were made by our local best restaurants in Curaçao.


Best Restaurants in Curaçao

I saw and smelled amazing food from Bali, Popcultr, Soup For You, and Porto in the first lane.  Each stand seems to offer a small selection of drinks, usually, a wine that pairs the dish. Further down Lane 1, there was a Bacardi Stand for drinks and afterwards, I stopped at O’Porto to order the Garlic Shrimp. The Garlic Shrimp was delicious! The garlic shrimp with its salad was fresh and I truly enjoyed it for a price of 4 tokens. I sat there by Porto enjoying the vibes of the festival, listening to the music, smelling great food, and talking to other guests. I spoke with people from the United States and Germany. Soon I was on the move, to explore the rest of the festival, and hunt for more food. I thought the small dance shows was fun and great to watch.


Deja Vu

After walking around and reading all the eccentric menus from all the food stands I stopped in front of Déjà Vu. Déjà vu, déjà vu, déjà vu! I am pretty sure I fell in love with this stand. Here I tried for the first time Crème Brûlée. They offered “vanilla custard pudding with a hard caramel layer, with Belgian chocolate brownie, and Amaretto & vanilla flavored mixed nuts”. I’m pretty sure I died and went to heaven! Vanilla Creme brûlée with a Belgian chocolate brownie was an amazing mix. The brownie melted on my tongue and cools with the custard. The hard caramel added a nice crunch to the dish and with the nuts created a great blend of flavors. Thus far I’ve had a bite to eat and a slice of heaven for dessert. I sat by Déjà vu, there was a little place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. There was quite a bit of Latin and mixed music, which meant there was always a beat.


Koki Riba Bloki

Going to such events here on Curaçao is always fun because you never know who you will bump into. We are such a small island, so it truly is a small world here on Curaçao. For me, this event was a great way to meet new people and see old friends, while enjoying amazing food. Next item to eat was from one of the most famous food trucks on Curaçao: Koki Riba Bloki. Here I had the lomito (beef) with French fries for 6 tokens. This stand had, at the time, the longest line.

However, it was worth the wait, simple, and more familiar! Next to this food truck where several dessert stands with cupcakes, alcoholic cakes, and Cinnamon Rolls. After a drink, I ended my night with my final dessert of Cinnamon Rolls that I took home and shared with my family.

Flavors of Curaçao was a great event that brought local restaurants together and gains exposure to the amazing food they have to offer. Thus, locals were exposed to all our island has to offer while guests also got a taste of our local food.

Cheers, Jyona

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