10 Must Do Water Activities on Curaçao

Category: | Published on: November 14, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

While we pride ourselves on being an island that offers an immersive cultural experience, we know that the blue sea is too enticing to resist. Let’s bring your beach experience up a notch though. With these 10 must do water activities on Curaçao, the word beach vibes will have a completely different meaning. From land to sea, from watching the world underwater to catching your own fish, this list will definitely have an activity to suit your adventurous spirit.


1. Snorkeling

The best thing about Curaçao is the fact you can snorkel right up the shore and still be able to see plenty. You can either book a snorkeling trip or visit one of the many popular beaches for snorkeling like the Caracasbaai or Tugboat Beach. Snorkeling is certainly one of the must-do water activities on Curaçao.


2. Sunset Boat Trip

Nothing is more romantic than sailing over the water while watching the sun go under. If you’re visiting with your partner, then a sunset trip is a beautiful way to celebrate your love in island style.


3. Kiteboarding

Are you more of a sporty adventurous traveler? Curaçao has plenty to offer to keep you energized during your whole holiday. How about trying kiteboarding? On Curaçao, we have our own kiteboarding beach where you can take kiteboarding lessons. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro on the board and flying high above the sea.


4. Fishing Trip

Gather the family for a fun-filled family activity. Experience how it is to fish in the Caribbean Sea during a fishing trip. It’s a satisfying activity to now only spend some time on the water, but to also feel the excitement when you catch a fish. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch something worth bragging about.


5. Diving

There’s a reason why Curaçao is considered a diving paradise and why it’s always recommended as a must-do water activity on Curaçao. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, every dive school on the island has a class or program that will fit your level of experience. Join one of the certified dive instructors during a diving session and be amazed at the beauty of our nature.


6. Paddleboarding

Have you ever heard about stand up paddleboarding? It’s paddling in standing position on a surfboard. It’s a great way to be active during your holiday while still being able to soak in your surroundings, the island.

7. Sup Yoga

Get connected to your core by trying yoga on the sea. Yes, instead of on the beach you’ll actually be doing your downward facing on a paddleboard while floating over the pretty blue Caribbean Sea. Nothing like the air of the salty, the sound crashing waves, the motion of the sea beneath your board to calm your mind and soul.


8. Coast (Sailing) Trips

Travel from coast to coast by boat and get a different view from the island. A view that you just don’t get by driving through the streets of Curaçao. Snorkel, swim and enjoy some nice food and drinks during your boat trip.


9. Kayaking

An activity that brings joy to young and old is old-school kayaking by having fun on the water. Several beaches on Curaçao, like Sta. Cruz, offer kayaking options. At Sta. Cruz you can even do a kayaking trip to the iconic Blue Room.


10. Trip to Klein Curaçao

Have you ever visited an idyllic deserted island? This is your chance! Klein Curaçao has always been one of the most popular activities in Curaçao. It’s definitely one of the water activities on Curaçao that you can’t miss.

Whatever activity you choose from this list (or if you choose them all), rest assure that you will have an amazing experience!

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