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Category: | Published on: September 12, 2019 | By Jyona Jacobs

For my 25th birthday, I was surprised by a marvelous gift of a trip to a Spa on Curaçao. At first, I didn’t know where I was going as I was driven west towards Banda Abao, towards Coral Estate. The Coral Estate is located on the Southwestern coast, spitting distance from the mesmerize blue ocean, and home to one of the best spas on Curaçao: 8 The Experience. I was gifted with a full body back massage and I was in for the pampering of a lifetime.


8 The Experience

A little background on one of the best spa on Curaçao, 8 The Experience (otherwise known as the 8). The artistically stunning building, 8 was founded by Kimberly de Frietas around two years ago. The 8 offers a wide variety of services from hair, nails, facial treatments, body treatments, and massage treatments. Their prices range from hair (ANG 50 to ANG 140), nails (ANG 33 -ANG 70), facial treatments (ANG 45 – ANG 220), body treatments (ANG 170 -ANG 245), and message treatments (ANG 170 – ANG 245).

From my experience, it was absolutely worth it as the 8 offers a transformative experience. The atmosphere from the moment you enter is tranquil and I felt all the tension leave my body the second I enter the door. It is serene, luxurious, and every element within the 8 is relaxing. The views are equally breath-taking and listening to the ocean below was enthralling. Within the 8 they offer two outdoor hot Jacuzzis with an amazing ocean view, a shallow relaxation pool, comfortable chairs to lounge outside in, three single treatment room, one eucalyptus-infused ‘Forest’ Steam Room, one ‘Igloo’ Ice Room, one dry ‘Sahara’ Sauna, salon studio with an ocean view, and the lounge where you can sit before entering the spa, as well, where you can purchase Aveda products.


The Massage – Best Spa on Curaçao

Once I arrived around noon on July 28th I sat in the serene lounge, sipping on cucumber-infused water, waiting to be taken on a tour of the spa. Once inside, changed into my swimsuit, I headed straight to the Forest Steam Room. The moment I entered the green-tiled, steamed room that smelt of eucalyptus, I felt right away at peace. I could just sit there relax, breathe in the eucalyptus in the air, and listen to the sounds of the forest (birds chirping). At this moment I was entirely Zen, I could feel my mind quiet down and I merely existed in the moment. Soon after I test the Sauna and got to experience the dry heat of the Sahara. Right after I immersed myself in the Ice Room, from this room I felt revitalized and had the energy to explore the outside facilities such as the Jacuzzis with an ocean view.

In the afternoon, after fully enjoying all the facilities the 8 has to offer, my massage was scheduled. My massage was the moment I might have died and gone to heaven. It was one of the best parts of the 8. My masseuse was talented, friendly, professional, and thoughtful. She truly took care of me and I most likely made her work to her full abilities. She pressured my tense muscles into submission, and she relaxed parts of my body that I did not even know were tensed! After 60 minutes of pure blissful heaven, I felt as if I was on a cloud and I drifted back outsides towards one of my favorite spots at the 8, the Jacuzzis. Here I enjoyed the warmth of the water, the sounds of the oceans below me, and simply relaxed in that serene moment.

The 8 is one of the best places to unwind, relax, recharge, and restore your body and mind. I know I will return so that I can recharge, indulge myself, and simply relax once again.


  • Make the most of your day pass, each massage has a day pass included, which means you can access all the facilities at 8 The Experience. So be sure to arrive before your appointment to enjoy the 8.
  • Make use of the amazing shower and Aveda product offered in the bathroom.
  • Make sure to visit the gift store to see all the Aveda products offered there.
  • Make the most of being in Banda Abao find somewhere close by to eat.

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