5 Lunch Places on Curaçao with a Local-Modern Touch

Category: | Published on: March 7, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

Lunch café’s and coffee shops have been popping from under the ground all around the world. Grabbing a coffee and an avocado toast has become a religious activity for locals all around the world and a favorite pit stop for tourists trying to fuel their body before continuing their journey.  On Curaçao, we take lunch café’s a step further and add our own local touch to this modern phenomenon. I gathered 5 Lunch Places on Curaçao that combines history, architecture, and local flavors to their personality.


Hofi Cas Cora

A historic mansion turned into a farm-to-table eatery, Hofi Cas Cora did not only revive an old historic home but also introduced people to what Curaçao’s land has to offer in a creative way. The Eatery overlooks acres of farm that produces local vegetable and fruits that you can taste in one of their creative dishes. The doors of the eatery are closed on weekdays but on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, the two young owners open their doors and welcome visitors to their tables. Every dish is carefully curated according to seasonal produce, ensuring freshness of every dish they serve. Every detail of the place shows its rustic character and the closeness to Mother-nature.

Choosing a dish from their menu gives you the opportunity to taste the various local produce that grows on the island inspired by classic dishes. Their ability to create delicious dishes consistently, the welcoming hospitality, and the charming atmosphere of the place are what keeps drawing people in every time. Make a reservation if you want to be sure of a table. Hofi Cas Cora is a popular lunch place on Curaçao, making it sometimes hard to get a seat around noon.


Number 10

Landhuis Bloemhof—one of the many historic mansions scattered around the island—was home of an old library that has now been turned into a coffee shop. Number 10 specializes in offering the best coffee you can find on the island, paired with delicious dishes that are infused with local produce. While this coffee shop sits in a historic space, the details of the place are quite modern with a touch of art to it. This blend can be seen on their menu as well.

Number 10 is popular lunch place on Curaçao and gets pretty busy around 10 (no pun intended), for brunch, as well. Make sure to make a reservation before going and don’t forget to take a tour of Landhuis Bloemhof before or after grabbing a bite or coffee.


Fleur de Marie Eatery

The up-and-coming neighborhood of Skalo has been getting some much-needed love. The history of Skalo and the artistic urban character was the inspiration behind Fleur de Marie Eatery. Their menu features classic local dishes with a modern twist and all their dishes are created using produce from local farmers. Step into the eatery and you’ll experience the artistic side of the locals on Curaçao. Fleur de Marie Eatery features craft items and murals from different artists on Curaçao.

If you want to grab a cup of coffee, local herbal tea, or just have a taste of the local cuisine in a modern way, then you shouldn’t miss visiting Fleur de Marie Eatery. The vintage atmosphere of the place fits perfectly with the historic surrounding, giving the eatery even more character.


Pietermaai is the it-place on Curaçao. It’s filled with trendy restaurants, boutique hotels, and unique cafés like Beans. The red-painted mansion with its dramatic entrance will draw your eyes immediately to it. The inside is small and cozy and gives you the feeling of stepping back in time, where the gentlemen’s looked dashing and the ladies walked with swinging dresses. It might be the beautiful vintage cash register or the eye for detail, but this lunch café will steal your heart.

Beans is known for their poke bowls, but locals know that this place has become a popular lunch place on Curaçao because of their home baked goods. The local baker, co-owner of the café, makes mouthwatering cakes that no one can resist. Not only the food, but their drink menu is impressive as well. They serve different local herbal tea, (local) craft beer and liqueur to accompany your meal or as an afternoon drink.


Kome Restaurant

Kome is not yet labeled as a popular lunch place on Curaçao, but a place like Kome needs no label either. Their dinner menu has earned enough brownie points to make Kome one of the best restaurants on Curaçao and their lunch is equally exceptional.

Their dishes are created by sourcing the best local produce on the island and their quality is always above expectation. Their food is not the only reason why they are so beloved, their service plays an equally important role. From the host to the waiter, to the bartender, everyone is cheery, helpful, and truly skillful.

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