Get an Intimate Art Experience on Curaçao at the Jean Girigori’s Art Gallery

Category: | Published on: February 21, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

I’m starting to believe that when people came with the expression: “Beauty is only skin deep”, that they were referencing Curaçao. There’s more to the island than meets the eye. Just like that, on the far east side of the island, you’ll find a quaint home-turned-gallery of a local artist. The art gallery of the local painter Jean Girigori is a glimpse into her character and a look into how she sees the world.


An Art Experience on Curaçao

There are many art galleries scattered around the world. There a few spread across the island, but none of them will give an art experience on Curaçao as you will get at the Jean Girigori Art Gallery. From the outside, you ’ll see a regular fence like any other fence but looking more carefully you’ll see a colorful house that gives a hint that an artist lives there.

Jean Grigori’s home has been turned into a gallery with colorful paintings adorning the hall walls. Your first step onto her porch gives you the first highlights of her work. Then you move towards the back through the living room, what seems to be a dining room and all the way to the bedrooms. Every room is filled with art, from painting to crafts made with stray wood, and even the floor is a colorful living painting. Every room goes deeper into giving you a local taste of the island and the art experience on Curaçao that you’re looking for.

The experience goes much deeper than the wall of her home though. She takes the time to talk to each of her visitors. Sharing her story and hearing the story of each visitor. Her character is lively, just as her painting and her stories are a picture-perfect representation of her work.


Source of Inspiration

They say that every artist works from their emotion and nothing is further from the truth when looking at her work. Her art features the strong women of Curaçao with different cultural background. It shows the diversity of the island and at the same time, the struggles the island encounters every day. All are shown in the best tropical fashion, of course, read full of color.

Her work is inspired by every day lives on the island. The character of its people, their background, and the many ups and downs they face in their journey.

She believes that it’s exactly the diversity on Curaçao and the fact that we should all work together to push this country forward that will make Curaçao an extraordinary island. With her art gallery, she hopes to inspire visitors by giving them an intimate art experience on Curaçao and give them the opportunity to leave with a piece of the island. A piece of this little, slightly unknown island, that they will share with their loved ones and everyone they encounter on their path in life.

Her work features snapshots of families, especially mother and daughters or sons. She has crafts using stray wood that shows women from different cultures that all live together on Curaçao. Aside from people, she also paints an important event that is marked in the history of Curaçao. May 30, an escalated riot started by workers from the Shell Refinery, is also depicted in one of her paintings in a bright yellow color representing the fire that burns down a piece of the historic center. In her painting, you can also see her beliefs. Many of the paintings and craft items feature a fish to promote abundance in her gallery and in the lives on the ones who buy her work.

Her pieces show the message she wants to convey clearly and the whole vibe of her gallery lets you have an immersive art experience on Curaçao

You can find the Jean Girigori Art Gallery on the east side of the island, just neighboring the Aloe Vera Plantation and Serena’s Art Factory. Address: Kaya Kent U Zelf 75 (Neighborhood Kwartje).

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