Discovering the Hidden Curaçao Snorkeling Spots

Category: | Published on: August 1, 2019 | By Jyona Jacobs

Our piece of paradise, Curaçao has many spectacular hidden gems that are a must to visit to swim or snorkel at. On Wednesday the 15th of May I got to explore these stunning snorkeling spots on the South West Coast of Curaçao. Onboard the Caribbean Experience I could visit these hidden gems, places I haven’t been to before, experience them all for myself. On Curaçao, our waters are a vibrant turquoise with immense visibility underwater, and on that day the ocean was a truly bright turquoise color. This snorkeling tour offers the very best Curaçao snorkeling spots that everyone should experience at least once!


Spanish Water Curaçao

We stepped on board the Caribbean Experience in Caracas bay at the Fisherman’s Harbor, which is on the Spanish Water. As we began to cruise around the Spanish Water, on my left I could see numerous luxurious villas around the edges of the Waters and right across from the pier. Within these waters are these lovely green mangroves and various boats anchored throughout the lagoon. On the right are these tall mountains, with these outcroppings and caves within. We left Spanish Waters with the St. Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, on my left, as we head West and to our very first stop, the famous sunken Tugboat at Caracas bay. Before reaching Tugboat we first had to pass Director’s Bay, which a relatively unknown beach with an enchanting underwater world that is great to snorkel at. The clear waters of Director’s Bay are vividly blue exactly like at Tugboat.



As we turn the corner and head into Caracas bay I can see the old Fort Beekenburg, which rests just above the famous Tugboat and is one of the best Curaçao snorkeling spots. On the boat, I can see the shadow is the Tugboat, as it is resting in shallow waters, around 5 meters deep. The sunken ship has been completely engulfed by the marine life and is one of the top spots to snorkel at. The tour stops here from around 30 to 45 minutes, where guests can go and see the Tugboat up close and personal. That you can experience for themselves why this is a famous place to snorkel in Curaçao. It is stunning and simply full life with corals and school of fish swimming all around it.

As we left the Tugboat and Caracas bay we passed another shipwreck just close to Mambo, this is where the BlueFinn on their Friday Dolphin Snorkeling Tour stops at. We passed the Curaçao Sea Aquarium, with their Dolphin Lagoons, Mambo Beach BLVD, and various parts of Pietermaai as we head towards Punda.  Soon we were in historic Punda with all the colorful buildings and the Queen Emma Bridge. This was a great moment to take pictures of Punda and Otrobanda from the sea.


Playa Manzalina

After leaving Punda, we cruised the Southern Coast of Curaçao and could see all the sights of the island. We headed West to Bandabou, where the water turned from a deep blue to vibrant turquoise. On my right, I could see rows of villas on the coast. We cruised for over an hour before we reached our second stop at the gorgeous beach called Playa Manzaliña! Here the waters were so vividly clear, the natural beach was empty, and hidden underwater world.

Playa Manzaliña is part of San Juan and in a remote part of the island, which is hard to reach overland. With this tour, we would experience this lovely private beach and see a wonderful marine life full of larger coral and sponges. I was stunned to see this remote little beach that is barely there between two cliffs and the water was crystal clear.

Blue Room Curaçao

The third stop of this Curaçao Snorkeling tour was to the famous Blue Room Cave that is hidden deep in the Southern West Coast of Curaçao. There are three long vertical marks that shows the opening to the cave. It is a low entrance so mind your head! It is enchanting to watch the cave transform with wave and when the tide is high enough close the opening to the cave. It is famous for its enchanting and shimmering blue lights that dance all around the cave walls.


Santa Martha

Once we left the Blue Room Cave, we turned around and headed back East towards the final stop, which is Santa Martha. Santa Martha Bay is located on the South West side of Curaçao, near the neighborhood of Soto. Located nearby is the Restaurant and Boutique Hotel, Landhuis Klein Santa Martha.

As we were going against the currents, we got to feel each dip and rise of the waves. After around 30 minutes we reached the bay of Santa Martha. Within the bay, we docked at the pier. Santa Martha Bay is a beautiful spot, with a great view, and a different hidden area of the island. Here the lovely crew began to prepare our BBQ Lunch, to start grilling the meat, and garlic bread. Soon the fun was over it was time to get on board the bus arranged by Tourism Management Curaçao (TMC) and be brought back to Willemstad.



  • If you suffer from motion sickness, I would recommend you take a motion sickness medication before the tour.
  • Use lots of sunscreen!
  • Bring your underwater camera!

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