Experience the Nature of Curaçao While Giving Back to the Community

Category: | Published on: May 7, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

Traveling is a great way to discover the world and learn about new cultures, but it’s also a great opportunity to give back to the community your visiting. It also offers an immersive experience into the local culture. Spend your time wisely and experience the nature of Curaçao while giving back to the community at the same time. Experience Curaçao’s nature through the trails to the unknown, the hills overlooking the blue sea, and the plants to set the scene, are all part of our local treasure here on Curaçao. While we may be a small island, not the most popular destination among nature lovers, however, we have an incredible and unique environment that offers a deep look into our relationship with Earth. Our natural parks and hiking trails will make you look at the ocean from a totally different perspective, literally and figuratively.

It hasn’t been always an easy road to expose our hiking trails and natural areas to tourists. Until recent years most were hidden gems and sometimes difficult to access, but with the work of a local organization called Stichting Uniek Curaçao, a lot of these trails are now open for the public to enjoy. Most of them are still hidden gems though, as tourists have yet to find their way in these rugged landscapes that run along the coast of the island.


Curaçao Activities

Tour operators, like Curaçao Activities, offer wonderful jeep safari tours to some of these natural parks and areas. These same areas are maintained weekly by volunteers of Stichting Uniek Curaçao, as well by Curaçao Activities, if you do want to support this organization and experience Curaçao’s nature at the same time, then book a tour with them directly.

Their jeep tour will take you to extraordinary sights. Their extensive knowledge about the land and the culture of Curaçao will give you a better understanding of what you’re seeing in your surroundings. Some of the paths they take are inaccessible for outsiders, but you get to experience it all firsthand.

Their tour will take you to some of our most beautiful nature areas like Aloe Vera Plantation, St Joris Bay, Director’s Bay, Koraal Tabak, Hato Plains, San Pedro, Bokas, and more. You can also request a tour of other areas and it will be fully customized to your needs. Whether you want to do the tour as a couple, family, or large group, they can and will do their best to accommodate your request. While you’re visiting the sight, take the time to help out by picking up some trash along your path. They will surely appreciate it!

Stichting Uniek Curaçao

Your contribution will support their actions to clean up and maintain the areas. It will help fund the material they need to use in their activities, the building of seating areas for visitors, and also the creation of trails around the island. The (plastic) pollution problem every country is experiencing and our vulnerability to outside trash through our shores, has been a great threat to our nature and sea creatures.

Stichting Uniek Curaçao works tirelessly every day to contain the damages and restore areas that needs an uplift. Their work is indispensable which is why every support they can get is welcome. While your experiencing the nature of Curaçao, take the time to contribute to nature conservation at the same time.

Interested in contributing to this cause? Contact them at uniekcuracao@gmail.com or +5999 462-8989

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