Discover Curaçao’s Best Nature Spots

Category: | Published on: October 4, 2018 | By Omaily Lucas

Curaçao’s nature is full of unexpected surprises that show the diversity of the island’s flora and fauna. On the west side of the island, you have serene waters with inlets that lend themselves as beaches and on the other hand of the island, the east-side, you’ll find a rough shore that gets pounded by the ferocious Caribbean Sea every second of the day. Driving around the island you’ll only see plants that are able to survive the dry and arid climate but visit one of our parks or hike one of the trails and you’ll suddenly find an unexpected array of plants and beautiful birds. Some of these places are in plain sight and others tucked deep behind the common sight. But, I compiled for you some of the best Curaçao best nature spots that you can’t miss.


One of the places tucked far away from civilization is Watamala. At the most Western point of the island, you’ll find the “place where Curaçao breathes’, as we locals often say. Drive to Westpoint and follow the signs that say Watamula. You’ll have to drive a long groggy road, but what awaits you is a beautiful coral shore. Walk all the way to your right towards the mighty waves. You won’t only be able to admire the tenacious waves, but if you take a moment of silence you’ll hear a soft wind pass through the rocks making a whistling sound. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and I’m always amazed at the power of nature.

Christoffel National Park

If you want to see the diversity of Curaçao’s nature in all its grandness, then you must visit Christoffel National Park. Whether you take the hiking trail or your car, as I did, you can experience all that the island’s nature has to offer. I saw beautiful colorful birds flying from left to right, unique trees tangled in each other, Indians carvings on the walls of the caves, and a beautiful outlook of the east side of the island. At the Christoffel National Park, you can also hike the Christoffel Mountain. Get in early though, so you get back before the sun gets too strong.

Ascension Hiking Trail

The area of Ascension has an extensive hiking trail with many different beautiful sights. On the left side, towards Boka Patrick, you have the natural jacuzzi called ‘Supladó’ and on the other side, you have Boka Ascension—a popular turtle spotting place. The walk to Boka Patrick leads you to Supladó where you’ll find a unique natural formation. Supladó is a hole that gets filled with water from beneath and pushed upwards to create a spectacular water performance. Around the Supladó you’ll find little “natural Jacuzzis”. Take a seat while marveling the panorama view of the Caribbean Sea. But, if you’re more of a turtle lover than I really recommend the Turtle Outlook at Ascension. This is one of the breeding places for turtles on Curaçao and there isn’t a day that I visit and not see turtles swimming into the bay.

Shete Boka National Park

Perhaps one of my favorite places on Curaçao is Shete Boka. This national park is 10 km long of rough terrain with 7 different inlets (Boka) and an out-of-this-world water spectacle. It’s like waves are competing with each other to see who can touch the shore harder and get closer to the sky. My favorite one is Boka Pistol, where no matter the weather, the waves never disappoints.

Sint Joris Bay

Watersports, a cool breeze, creativity, and serenity are what makes Sint Joris Bay one of my favorite places for a stroll. If the water is low, you can walk very close to the mangroves and see how their roots form a picture-perfect view. Walk in between the mangroves but remember to not touch them as they are endangered species. I also love how you have a view from all angles of the bay and of the kite- and windsurfers floating in the air.


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