How to Celebrate the Holiday Season in Curaçao

Category: | Published on: December 19, 2019 | By Omaily Lucas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, says the iconic song by Andy Williams and we can’t agree more. During the holiday season in Curaçao the temperature becomes slightly cooler, twinkle lights brighten the streets, and every corner looks like a festive party.

On Curaçao, we truly embrace the holiday cheer, of course in our own Caribbean way. The way we celebrate the holiday season in Curaçao is by eating the days away, party the nights away, and visiting every holiday-themed event there is, especially if it involves partying on the streets. Want to celebrate your vacation during the holiday season like a local? We share the top 5 activities to experience Curaçao’s holiday cheer.


Punda Vibes

Punda Vibes is a late-night shopping event held every Thursday night. In December the organization really takes up a notch. They kickstart the holiday season with the lightning of the tree. Then every week after it’s full of festive activities to bring you in the holiday spirit.

You can enjoy traditional Christmas music, marvel at the Christmas lightning, and stroll pass market stalls with handcrafted holiday gifts. The streets are filled with people, joy, and Christmas vibes.


Curaçao Santa Run

The name says it all! Curaçao Santa Run is, literally, hundreds of people dressed as Santa’s running through the streets of the historic centrum of Willemstad. The run starts at Riffort in Otrobanda and goes through the narrow alleys of Otrobanda, crosses the Swinging Old Lady, passes the neighborhood of Scharloo, then Punda, crosses the bridge again and finishes at its starting point.

Words fail to give a proper illustration of this event. Maybe ‘sporty moving block party’ would explain it? You watch the after-movie and tell me. Even you won’t participate it’s worth just cheering them on from the sideline.


Pietermaai Pagara Party & Bar-Ber Block Party

On the 31st of December, Pietermaai turns into the biggest bash. Restaurants, bars, as well, hotels all open their doors to host a fun and festive party with good music, good food, and plenty to drink. Around 2 pm the biggest ‘pagara’ is lit in true traditional fashion. This year, the legendary Bar-Ber Block Party will also take place at the same time as the Pietermaai Pagara Party in one of the narrow alleys of the neighborhood. This party is like nothing you’ve ever seen with great urban music.


Fireworks Show

After the 26th of December, you’ll see fireworks shows everywhere. Whether it’s an event or a company, everyone will lit up a pagara or put a fireworks show, often accompanied by good music and sometimes even good food and drinks.

Some are private events and other public, especially on the 31st you’ll see many touristic and non-touristic people holding their own fireworks shows. Don’t be shy! Join in and celebrate the holiday season like a local.



When all the big holidays are behind, we need to bring closure to the season. How do we that? With a big boat festival on the first Sunday of the year. Fuikdag is an annual festival in the Fuik Bay. Numerous boats with people gather to enjoy good music and each other’s company. It’s a big float fest that has featured (international) renowned DJs and performers. The only way to join is by having a boat or you can book a spot in one of the many organized boat trips.


The holiday season on Curaçao is one of the best moments to visit the island. It’s full of festive activities and holiday cheer. Which one are you most excited to participate in?

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