5 Best Spas on Curaçao

Category: | Published on: September 26, 2019 | By Jyona Jacobs

When you think about Curaçao the first thought that comes to mind is sun and beaches. Especially, sitting on the beach, feeling the sun warm your skin, and swimming in our gorgeous turquoise ocean. Our little slice of paradise offers so much more than world-renown beaches, we have amazing activities that can be done on land or at sea. However, we also have fantastic spas that are the best places to relax and recharge, most of them can be found at popular hotels. The five best spas on Curaçao are The 8 Experience, Cloud Nine Spa, Atabei Spa, Sensi Spa, and Mazzai Spa.


The 8 Experience @ Coral Estate

The 8 Experience,  ‘The 8’ is a luxurious spa located on the western coast of Curaçao at the Coral Estate. At this location, you can take in stunning views of the clear blue ocean, hear the waves lap the shore, and smell the salt in the air. At ‘The 8’ you can lose yourself with the treatments offered and facilities. You will be pampered by the professional and friendly staff who will make you feel the true meaning of Zen. The private rooms overlooking the sparkling ocean, where you can enjoy treatments such as a massage and you can hear the waves of the ocean. ‘The 8’s’ facilities consist of a hair salon, make-up studio, igloo, sauna, steam bath, two jacuzzis outside with sunbeds, and a meditation outdoor swimming pool. They offer a variety of treatments such as manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, and body wraps, facial treatments, various massage treatments, and various hair treatments. In all ‘The 8’ is a great way to relax and is marvelous for your general wellbeing. You can read more about my experience here.


Cloud Nine Spa @ Avila Beach Hotel

At the Avila Beach Hotel, they have their very own spa where you can take the time to treat yourself during your stay. Cloud Nine Spa has been recently renovated to offer a modern and comfortable experience. What is unique at Cloud Nine Spa is that they offer massages both indoors and outdoors. Can you imagine having a massage right next to the ocean? At Cloud Nine Spa you will enjoy a truly personal experience at the hands of the talented personnel and the signature treatments offered here. They also offer a special package for mothers to be. Their facilities include a sports facility, massage, facials, nail care, hair removal, wellness packages, pool, and sauna. With a booking of a massage or facial treatment, you will also gain access to the beach at Avila and their pool. Once there at Avila, whether you are a guest at the hotel or a visitor to the spa you can then have dinner at The Pen. If you would like a more personalized experience, then the Cloud Nine Spa is the place for you.


Atabei Spa @ Santa Barbara Beach Resort

The Atabei Spa is located at the Santa Barbara Beach Resort on the Eastern Side of Curaçao. This resort has its own spa, golf course, and private beach. Their spa treatments are derived from the original inhabitants of Curaçao. They pride themselves on offering organic treatments that help awaken, hydrate, nourish, and renew oneself. They offer facilities like massage, facials, body rituals, manicures, pedicures, and a youth spa. Their Youth Spa is a unique element of Atabei Spa, as it is designed for adolescents from ages 6 to 16. They also offer a massage for mothers to be and a massage at the beach. At this spa, which is quite remote allows you to escape, relax, and revive, just as they promised. The ambiance at Atabei is very relaxed, you are offered complimentary bites and drinks. You just need to sit back and let yourself be pampered by the friendly and professional staff.

Sensi Spa @ Cas Abao Beach

One of the greatest and most beautiful beach on Curaçao is Cas Abao. Cas Abao is located on the western coast of Curaçao, which is a private beach that is open to the public. The admission fee is around Nafl. 10 per car from Mondays to Saturdays. While on Sundays and holidays is Nafl 12.50 per car. On-site there is a restaurant, a diving stop, and the Sensi Spa. Now at this mesmerizing beach, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage right next to the ocean, listening to the waves of the ocean in the background. At Sensi Spa you can indulge yourself or with a friend in a variety of beauty treatments like pedicures, massages, foot massages, and body scrubs. Moreover, Sensi Spa is ranked as the best spa in Willemstad on TripAdvisor. It is not hard to understand why as Sensi Spa is a comfortable place to relax, get a massage while listening to the waves of the ocean. One does not get closer to the ocean than this!


Mazzai Spa @ Morena Resort

Our final best spa on Curaçao would have to be Mazzai Spa located in Morena Resort at Jan Thiel. Jan Thiel is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Curaçao with many resorts located here, as well, the infamous Jan Thiel Beach. It is also one of my favorite places to be in Curaçao. The Mazzai Spa is a small, personal, and warm spa. This eco-friendly oasis uses locally produced organic products for their treatments. Such as facial treatments, massages, signature treatments, and other treatments: mani, pedis, body scrub, and healing. Pedi. Body scrub, healing. You need only relax, let fish nibble at your feet, take in this beautiful spa and surrender to the serenity offered here.

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