Best Caribbean Island: 5 Reasons to Travel to Curaçao

Category: | Published on: May 14, 2020 | By Omaily Lucas

Curaçao needs no introduction but we’d still like to help you out with a little explanation as to why Curaçao is the best Caribbean island. There is so much goodness to the island, but we’ll make it short and sweet with just 5 reasons why you should travel to Curaçao.

Right now you may be dreaming on the couch or behind your laptop dreaming about that moment you can pack up your bags and escape into a different world. The Caribbean is the perfect destination to unwind and relax. To let go of the past and the future and live in the now. With so many islands to choose from, how can you be sure you chose the best Caribbean island that will give all that your heart desires. When it comes to offering a range of possibilities—for young and old, families and solo—your best bet is going to be Curaçao. That brings us to the first reason why you should travel to Curaçao.


#1 Curaçao has Everything

Beautiful clear water, we got it. A historic downtown, check. Vibrant nightlife, every day and every week. Tranquility and serenity, yes, and yes.  The unique European and Latin-American influences on the island have made Curaçao one of the few islands where you get the European charm with the vibrant Latin-American flair.

You get a vibrant everyday bustle and beautiful architecture that is barely seen around the Caribbean. You’ll have access to different amenities to fit your wishes, but still not losing its authenticity. Contrary to our neighbors, what makes this island a great holiday destination is that while the island is quote modernized we still haven’t lost our traditions and culture. You can still see it every day, in every corner.


#2 Curaçao is a Hidden Gem

Curaçao is still quite a hidden gem in the Caribbean and one of the reasons why many love to travel to Curaçao. Tourism, the way we know it now, is a recently developed industry on the island. The island was mostly visited by our Dutch sisters but has recently been discovered by many other nations. Because of this, the island’s charm is still intact and hasn’t been transformed to fit the old characteristics of a Caribbean island. You can still take a plunge at many of our free public beaches, known to be some of the best in the world. Many activities are unique in their experience and far from being a tourist trap. Even the beach clubs have their unique vibe making it a delight to visit when you want a more upscale experience.


#3 Curaçao is a Great Family Destination

The Caribbean has always been a great destination to travel with families. If you travel to Curaçao, you’ll realize that we make this experience even more fun. Many activities around the island are catered to both kids as adults. Making no one feel left out. There is a variety in types of beaches where some are shallower and with lower waves to make it safe for kids to swim close to shore. Different accommodation will even have live entertainment for kids and adults at the same time or they’ll have special kids entertainment giving the parents some space to enjoy by themselves.

#4 The Food is Amazing

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate our culinary offerings. Again, with Curaçao being built by so many cultures, it’s not a surprise that to travel to Curaçao means to travel to the best Caribbean island for a culinary experience.

We have craft cocktail bars and modern restaurants with a local touch. We have trendy coffee shops and beach-front restaurants with typical local food. Ranging from Latin-American flavors to typical Dutch food, Curaçao has it all when it comes to food and drinks.


#5 Language is No Problem

Did you know that many locals speak an average of 4 languages? Yes, whether you speak English, Spanish, or Dutch, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for the locals on Curaçao. That’s what makes Curaçao so unique and the best Caribbean island for your next vacation. We’re able to suit all your needs and make planning and enjoying your holiday a complete breeze, pun intended.

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