A Trip to Klein Curaçao

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Our day starts at 6:30 AM. I am excited to finally visit the uninhabited island Klein Curaçao, a must DO for locals and tourists. Miss Ann Boattrips is one of the two suppliers that have the right to piece of land on Klein Curaçao. In the past years, they have invested in the expansion of the beach area and facilities to provide the best service on the small island. I truly enjoyed this boat trip to Klein Curaçao!


Spanish Water Curaçao

Miss Ann offers free pick-up service to the dock and so we were picked up at the hotel and within 15 minutes we arrived in the stunning neighborhood of Jan Sofat. After getting off the bus we had to enter the office to get our ticket and free drinking cup to be used on the island. From the dock, we could see a small piece of the beautiful Spanish Water Curaçao. Stunning houses line the coast of the waters and can be clearly seen from the dock. In smaller groups, we were then transported by boat to the impressive yacht Serendipity.

The boat trip to Klein Curaçao with the luxurious and spacious yacht is an adventure on its own. Onboard we were offered tea or coffee and crackers. We cruised through the Spanish Water and made our way further to the east. We passed by the Hyatt Hotel and into open waters. The terrain of the coast became wilder until we saw the eastern point of the island and we were fully into open waters. The sea was rough as the Serendipity cruised against the current and cut through the waves. We arrived on Klein Curaçao around 8:45 after a 1:15 hour boat trip.


Klein Curaçao

Klein Curaçao is an uninhabited island and truly a paradise with its crystal clear blue water. The sea here is the bluest sea I have ever seen. With the white sandy beaches, in all, this island is gorgeous. Right away a Zen feeling sinks in. You can hear the sea and the wind breeze, it is just those sounds. On Klein Curaçao, Miss Ann has an entire area dedicated to its guests and for their use alone. There are soft beach chairs in shaded areas and a dining area. Soon after we arrived we were served breakfast and we could make our own sandwiches. Miss Ann has an open bar for non-alcoholic drinks such as soda, water, and juices. This bar is open all day and you can refill your special cups, which we got to keep! Beer and wine are also available for a small price.

After breakfast, I decided to explore the underwater world and went snorkeling. I could see fish, corrals, and so much life underwater. If you don’t want to go swimming but just want to relax, you can book a 30-minute massage on the island for 50 guilders. What is great about this trip you are completely free to do what you like, from snorkeling to swimming, take a walk around the island, visit the impressive lighthouse or simply do nothing. You can truly relax and just enjoy this amazing beach.

Lunch was served at 12:45. It was a buffet of local grilled dishes, there was a range of meats, fruits, and salads. Miss Ann crew told us at 13:45 there would be a guided sea turtle tour and we would meet on the pier. The tour was roughly 45 minutes. We went in the deeper waters, with our snorkel gear, looking for sea turtles. It was a magnificent sight to see schools of fish swimming around each other, with the turtles swimming through.


By 3:15 we gathered to head back to the Serendipity to return to the main island of Curaçao. Once back on the yacht the friendly crew members served a nice fruit punch cocktail. It was delicious! We could sit in front of the deck of the yacht. As we cruised with the current the trip was smoother, though we did dip with the waves, and faster. By 5 pm we were back in Jan Sofat and could watch the sunset. Miss Ann’s trip to Klein Curaçao is a full day trip where you can enjoy in the water and on land. It is very relaxing with amazing views throughout the trip. The crew is friendly and the service on board and on the island is exceptional.

Tips for the Boat Trip to Klein Curaçao

If you are one of those unfortunate people, like myself, who is sensitive to motion sickness here are some tips to enjoy the most of your trip.

  • Sit on top of the deck, where you get some nice fresh air, turn to face the horizon, and take your seasick medication, which is necessary, more than an hour before.
  • My advice is to bring crackers to help counter any nausea.

As well, take a moment to relax and enjoy the day at the beach.

  • I would bring a book to read
  • Bring cash for alcoholic drinks or a 30-minute massage
  • For sure bring sunscreen and reapply often!
  • If you are traveling with children, ask the Miss Ann crew for some toys to make sand castles!
  • Bring your own snorkel gear, mask, snorkel, and fins

Enjoy your trip!

Greeting, Jyona!

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