A Thrilling Adventure on ATV

Category: | Published on: July 30, 2018 | By Jyona Jacobs

On the 12th of June, I went on the most thrilling tour to date! I went on a 3-hour ATV Curaçao ride tour on the northeastern part of the island. We collected our ATV’s at Eric ATV, which is near the Sea Aquarium around 8:45 am. Before we got on the ATV’s we had to fill out a waiver and buy a bandana to protect your face (nose and mouth) from dirt. These bandanas can be bought for $3 or 5.25 ANG and come in various and vibrant colors if you did not bring one yourself. I purchased mine in a vibrant bright blue. Next, it’s time to hunt for a helmet to keep yourself safe while seeking your thrill. The idea of this ATV tour is that we are going off-road onto rock and coral dirt roads. Keep that in mind, things are going to get bumpy.


Aloe Vera Plantation

This tour is truly for those who are adventurous and thrill seekers. ATV riding is exciting and a true rush. A small tip, Eric ATV offers googles. I honestly recommend you use them. At first, I just used my sunglasses, but I still got dirt in my eyes. With the goggles, which I later got, helped and improved my experience on the quad. I was not a driver but a passenger since I can’t drive! Moreover, to operate an ATV you need your license. To protect myself from the full sun exposure I had sunscreen on and a hat under my helmet. I also wore a shirt that covered my shoulders and back. It is best to bring a small backpack if you want to carry extra water and sunscreen, but Eric ATV does provide you with plenty of drinks throughout the trip. Another important tip is to wear sneakers and not flipflops. Sturdy shoes are needed for this activity and all it entails. Our audacious and charming guides for this adventure were Flow and Captain Ango. We first rode up from the Sea Aquarium to practice driving the quads with turns, breaks, going uphill and then downhill. Then we rode past the prison to get to the Aloe Vera Plantation. Our first stop was at the Aloe Vera Plantation for a complimentary drink and a bathroom break.


Sint Joris Bay

After stopping at the Aloe Vera Plantation for drinks, a bathroom break, and souvenir shopping the off-road begins. We went off-road to the northeastern coast of the island. We passed by Sint Joris Bay where you can see the kite surfers and the deep blue bay. Here the road gets rougher and more exciting. With all dips, climbs, and drops, which honestly gets the blood pumping! We head further north to the coast and got to see the rough sea beat against the coast. Seeing the amazing enormous waves rush up. After a brief pause, we head inland to the caves!

And there we go, on foot, hiking and therefore sneakers are needed. The terrain is very rough, and you need the support of sturdy shoes. From this hike is an intense ascent through the rocky cliff and into the cave. It was very impressive to see the natural caves, which were made as the island was formed and once were under water. Once we were on top of the cave there was a spectacular view, where you can see all the way to the coast and even the ATV’s parked at the bottom of the cliff. Beware, it is slippery on the way down and back to the ATV’s. However, if you slipped like I did don’t worry your guides are prepared to take care of you and have a first aid kit. Then we returned to Eric ATV with just a bit more off-road until we were back on the roads.


A truly amazing experience even though I was not the driver. It was a thrill, exciting, and a great way of seeing a part of this amazing island you would not otherwise see.

My Advice

  • Don’t forget your license!
  • Bring a bandana
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat
  • Wear old clothes and especially ones that cover your back and shoulders
  • Use goggles!
  • Bring a small backpack for water
  • Bring your wallet if you wish to purchase any souvenirs at the Aloe Vera Plantation store

Let me know how this thrill was for you!

Greeting, Jyona

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