A day-adventure at Klein Curacao

Category: , | Published on: April 30, 2024 | By Giada Malta

When you look at the Curacao flag you can see two stars, if you look carefully one star is smaller than the other one. This represents Klein Curacao, which it literally means small Curacao. This little piece of land sits right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, about 40 kilometers from the main island.

The catamaran experience…

Bright and early in the morning, I personally joined an organized tour with Bluefinn, boarding a catamaran from Jan Thiel and boarding on a journey to Klein Curacao. By 8:30 we were out at sea, geared up to discover this hidden gem. The journey typically takes about 2 hours while the crew offers refreshing fruit drinks for you to enjoy.

Klein Curacao is known for its charming pink lighthouse, constructed in 1877 following the devastation caused by a hurricane that destroyed the original lighthouse built two decades earlier. This is the first sight that welcomes you as you approach the island. As you get closer the water turns clearer and more turquoise, creating an incredible picture and it is in moments like this when you truly realize the beauty of nature.

It is time to jump into the water!

Once the boat arrived, I swam towards the island but for those who preferred not to swim, Bluefinn had other options available. I had plenty of time to snorkel, take pictures, and explore the island’s artifacts. Meanwhile, the crew was busy preparing the lunch and called the tourists over to taste some delicious local food served on the boat. Bluefinn had abundantly food for all 70 people on board, and drinks were included. They offered pasta, salads, meat, and chicken using a buffet method so everyone could choose what they preferred.

After lunch, it was time to get back in the water. I enjoyed the last hours at Klein Curacao before jumping back on the catamaran for the ride back to Curacao. With drinks and music on board, I relaxed in the nets, feeling the water splashes and the waves. So, are you ready for a full day-adventure? Do not wait any longer, get on the catamaran and discover the hidden treasures of Curacao!

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